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Outfit || Greeting the Season

Good evening, all! Can you believe it's the last day of November already?! Winter has come upon us in the north, with cooler temperatures here to stay even in the temperate climate of my corner of the world. With this chill in the air, I've had to become more creative with dressing for work. Happily, I enjoy dressing for cooler weather. It's time to enlist the sweaters and boots!

Thoughts || 5 Areas Being Single Benefits

Being married is a wonderful blessing! But guess what - being single is a wonderful blessing too! In our times of discontent, self-pity or reckless living-for-self, we single people need to take time to regroup and see just how the Lord has gifted us with singleness. If we desire marriage, this reflection may not take away our longing, but that isn't our goal. Our goal is to live a joyful life that brings glory to God!

"Guest" Post || Copper's Day

Hello, humans! At long last, Paige is giving me the opportunity to be a main feature on her blog. Why I'm not prominent in each post is a mystery to me, but so are many things of the human world. My lack of blog attention is probably just as well, for I have a mistrust of things that I can't discern by my excellent sense of smell.

Review || Dress from eShakti

Hello all! I have a special post to share today, thanks to the fashion website eShakti. This will be my second review for the company (see the firsthere), and I am as pleased as I was the first time around. Now, I offer my honest opinion of the garment I received.