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Outfit || Foggy Day Fashion

Hi everyone! Well, I guess I'm a once-a-week blogger now. Life stops to wait for no one, and the hard times, busyness, and taking time for rest and fellowship has caught up with my blogging life. Rather than pushing myself to come up with two posts a week, I will make it my goal to post once a week. It may happen more or less often sometimes, depending on how the week is going. Part of blogging is being able to enjoy it, and I think paring down will help me to have more fun, and hopefully maintain blog quality!

Being in the Word || #5 To Have Light

Happy beginning of the week readers! It's time for the last "reason" post for the Being in the Word series! Next time, we will wrap it up with a few pointers on how to study the Bible, Lord willing. I shan't get too ahead of myself though...;) Let's study the LIGHT of God's word.

Outfit || August in Retro

Do you ever have one of those rare, precious bursts of inspiration in which a clear idea suddenly comes to you? Well, that's how the outfit I'm sharing today came together! After having it planned out for a few days, I wore it to church on Sunday. That sunny afternoon ended up being perfect for a photo shoot in the local garden! Mom and I met one of my co-workers and her dachshund there, and we enjoyed getting in some outfit photos and dog photography!

Travel || August Mini-Vacation

Hi everyone, and happy weekend! You folks asked for photos from my trip, and here they are! I wasn't feeling up to continuing my series this week, so it actually worked out quite nicely to have something else to share. Please enjoy the beauties of California. :)

Outfit || Contrast

Hi all! My personal outfit posts are back from vacation, apparently. ;) As a matter of fact, I'm back from a mini-vacation myself. My parents and I enjoyed a three-day weekend in which we stayed two nights at one of our favorite summer getaways. Perhaps I'll share some photos with you soon! For now, please let me present to you my latest outfit shoot.

Being In the Word || #4 To Live

Greetings, friends! After a bit of a break, it's time for the fourth installment of Being in the Word. I hope to continue encouraging you and I both to delight in the words of our Lord. It is truly indispensable for LIFE!