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Sunday Best Retro

For the first time, I am actually posting my Sunday best on Sunday Best and All the Rest! It's about time, eh? ;) Yesterday, I wore this retro inspired outfit to church ( though later I had to change for an ultimate Frisbee game). It was modeled after the demure, ladylike styles of the 1940's and 50's.

  This entire outfit was actually built around a "new-to-me" pleated wool skirt. For only $5, I bought the Forever 21 piece from a friend who was selling it. My tank top, blouse, cardigan and belt are all from second hand stores. The only thing in my ensemble that was purchased brand new is the pair of leather heels!   At first, I was not going to include the belt in this outfit, but the colors seemed too bland. When I wear neutral colors, I often like to have a pop of color. This is when the belt often comes in handy. Here, it picked up on the red stripes in the skirt and tied the whole outfit together.   By the way, I would like to mention that this look was p…

Preppy Autumn Outfit / Blogger Button Questions

"He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;" ~Daniel 2:21
  During this time of year, I enjoy being cozy inside sipping hot tea, reading, watching candles burn and curling up in blankets. Being outside is refreshing, as I take brisk walks in the chilly air and see all the trees that have put on their most brilliant colors. As beautiful as our warmer weather was, I am taking advantage of the new bracing cool in the air. Today I have not only had tea and taken a walk, but I am also wearing a sweater! When the outdoors look gloomy, it is fun to wear a pop of color to brighten up the day!
  I decided to call this outfit preppy, because a V-neck sweater layered with a white button-down shirt has a decidedly classic look. My flared jeans and boots are a little more western in style, but we shan't give that much consequence today. ;) Overall, the ensemble is fitting for October.


Where I come from, costumes are a big deal. Since being in my teens, I've gone to way more events in costume than I ever did when I was little! My repertoire includes costume birthday parties, a ball, and a few medieval festivals. It's a good thing that I like fashion so much. ;)   In my area, we are blessed to have several consignment stores that have vintage clothing and costumes. I have never had to order a costume off of the internet. Not everyone has the advantage of great local stores, but with a little ingenuity, you can pull together a marvelous outfit for your next dress up event!
  This was my costume for a nineteen twenties party. I searched high and low for a drop-waist dress (that wasn't an eighties prom dress), but couldn't find what I was looking for. Enter this lacy black frock. It is more reminiscent of the thirties, but the handkerchief hemline was definitely popular in the twenties.
  The dress was from a consignment/costume store and cost aroun…

How to Wear a Military Jacket and Still Look Feminine!

Through the years, my style has gone through many transitions as I've matured and my tastes have changed. Nonetheless, some things have remained part of my style for several years. Tailored, clean-lined garments have had an appeal to me for quite a while. This is probably why I am often drawn to military inspired and utilitarian clothing.
  No, that doesn't mean that I'm particularly into jumpsuits or camouflage pants. ;) My preferences encompass shirt dresses and military inspired outerwear. Today, I will showcase a military inspired jacket that I found at a thrift store about three years ago. Its subtle floral camo pattern and tie about the waist make it clear that it is a woman's jacket, but it still has a tough feel to it. Since I like to look like a girl, I make sure to add at least one feminine touch when I wear it.

  On Thursday, I wore the jacket with a bright t-shirt, dark jeans, and purple Converse. To top it all off, I put on an infinity scarf with lace e…

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thank you to the ladies at Calico Clodhoppers for nominating me for the Sunshine blogger award (check them out at  :D)! It is for "bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere".  Here are the rules for the award:
First, the nominee must thank the blogger that nominated her and link to her blog.  Next she must nominate ten bloggers for the award and let them know.  Then, she must answer a list of 10 questions and post to her blog.  Finally, the Sunshine Award button must be posted on the blog!
Now for the nominations!

1) Beastsbelle of Jane Austen & Unicorns: A Blog by Tess and Maggie (her advice helped me to get started blogging!)
2) Vicki of Decked Out in Ruffles
3) The Boyer Sisters of Boyer Family Singers
4) Ashley and Gabrielle of Bramblewood Fashion

Accessories Part Two!

Alright, let's continue to talk about how to wear those fun little (or not so little) things we use to jazz up our clothes!

  I have a small collection of pins. I don't wear them often, but I have found that they look quite charming pinned on to scarves. Yes, I just mentioned another way to wear a scarf! :) This dachshund pin has a sweet vintage look to it. My Grandma gave it to me because of my mischievous dachshund, Copper.

  Handwarmers (or fingerless gloves) have come back into style in recent years. Honestly, I didn't start wearing them because I thought they made a cool fashion statement. I simply like to be warm and have the ability to do stuff with my hands at the same time. ;) My mom knit this pair, and I think they make for pretty cute accessories in the cool months!

  The ring on the left could probably be classified as a "cocktail" or "dinner" ring. Usually, I don't wear statement jewelry, but I like the cameo on this ring and wear i…

Accessories (Part One)!

As fun as it is, I have to admit that keeping up with a blog is more work than I thought it would be. :) Nevertheless, (okay, it isn't so terribly hard), I am now writing my next post. Today, the subject is accessorizing! Because there is so much ground to cover, this will be a two-part post. I shall try to publish the next installment as soon as possible.
  As far as fashion goes, accessories are the icing on the cake! Though they may not be the centerpiece of an outfit, they pull it together and decide its theme or demeanor. Sometimes a simple necklace will do, whereas on other days, a girl likes to go all out with the embellishments. Getting creative with accessories is a simple way to step up one's style.
  Before I continue, I would like to note that several of the following items have been homemade by friends and family. Many thanks for their creativity!

  Necklaces are probably the easiest way to add some sparkle to an outfit. If you have one good chain, then you can…