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Travel/Photography/Outfit || Southern Oregon

Hello, readers! I hope your mid-week finds you with plenty of strength and energy to finish the month of September - can you believe how quickly this year is going by?! Today I have some photos to share with you of a mini-vacation my parents and I went on last weekend. It was a splendid way to bid farewell to summer.

Thoughts || Unique

I don't like sewing. No, I mean, I really don't like sewing - it makes me cry. The fact of my dislike used to bother me. You see, I never really fit the typical Christian home-schooled girl mold. I had little to no interest in things like sewing, cooking, and playing violin. I found more enjoyment in drawing, writing, and playing with dogs. Now in my early twenties, I still don't fit the mold. I can cook a square meal, but don't make homemade bread. And I get out my creative juices with photography rather than making clothes. Some of you might be thinking "big deal", but those of you raised in the same kind of community that I was will understand why my uniqueness has bothered me. Maybe you have a similar story.

Outfit || End-of-Summer Stripes

Hullo friends! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Mine has been full of rest, spur-of-the-moment fun things, and weather changes (dark colors and tights in summer weather can be a bit uncomfortable)! To top it off, I'm here to share with you one of my new second-hand finds from a shopping day earlier this month. :)

Outfit || Princess

When I turned three years old, my mother made me a hot pink tutu. Along with a matching veil and pink and teal striped leotard (it was the 90's, ok?) , I was ready to reign. As far as I can recall, that tutu was my first and last piece tulle clothing...until last weekend, that is. While out on a shopping expedition with my mom, I met a brand-new tulle skirt, fit for a grown-up princess.

Being in the Word #6 || How to Study

Well friends, the time has come for the final post of Being in The Word. I hope this series has been inspiring and encouraging to you. Writing about being in God's Word has definitely pushed me into study. As they say, you really learn something when you teach it! In this wrap-up post, I would like to share with you the ways I have learned to study the Bible. May these become tools to help us further learn and apply scripture!