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Pink Stripes

Hello all! I'll make this snappy because I'm borrowing our friends' computer. You see, our internet at home is down! I'm not sure when the problem will be fixed, so posts and comments from me may be sporadic. :( Thankfully, this evening I am able to borrow a computer and use my SD card to upload outfit photos!

Seaside Getaway

Hello all! I am here to share a little bit of fashion, scenery, and a brief updates this fine Tuesday evening. My parents and I went on a one-night trip out of town on Sunday, and I of course brought my camera. I hope you enjoy these scenes of the beautiful California coast.

Noir et Blanc

Hello ladies! It's a sunny and breezy Saturday evening in my corner of the world. For now, the house is still, but it awaits the entrance of friends for one of our birthday party game nights. We hope to soon enjoy laughter and fellowship. But for now, I blog. :)

Butter + Navy // Singular Singleness

Hello to you, right in the midst of your July week! I hope you enjoy today's outfit, as well as some thoughts I was inspired to write.

Retro Blog Party: Reader Outfit!

Hi all! Thank you to everyone who participated it this week's blog party! You all came up with great outfits. Bloggers have the rest of today to link up HEREso don't hesitate to come up with something last minute if you want to join in the fun. I'm also changing the rules for non-bloggers. You too have the rest of today to email an outfit, which will then be added to this post.

Retro Summer Blog Party Outfit!

Hello all! How are you today? I'm happy because it's raining - a long while has passed since I've heard the beautiful sound of raindrops hitting the pavement. I'm also pleased that my summer outfit photos were done long before the rain started! ;)

Retro Summer Blog Party!

Are you ready to do some vintage-inspired outfit styling? It's time for The Retro Summer Blog Party!* Let's get started.
*  I published the party post momentarily to test the linkup and then reverted it to a draft before publishing my 4th of July post. This means that it showed up on my blog as older than the 4th post. Thus, I'm re-posting to make sure everyone can see it.

Independence Day Outfit

Happy Independence Day all! It's really late for a post so I'm just going to leave you with several pictures from today's seaside photo shoot (which includes an exciting new striped top!). Hope to "see" you here at the party this week. :)