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Outfit || Ombre Chambray

Hi there readers! I hope all of my fellow U.S. folks are staying safe from the fires and storms demolishing different areas of our homeland. Let us remember to be prayer for those in the wake of the damage. Meanwhile, I know many of my high school and college followers have likely started school. May your studies go well and may you be able to maintain focus on the most important things in life in the midst of busyness and stress. :)

Photography & Thoughts // By the Sea & I Peter

Hello all! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend thus far and getting ready for a lovely Sunday. Remember last weekend when I mentioned taking photos at the beach? Well, here are a few shots from that day! You'll notice that it was a distinctly overcast day, so nearly everything is cast in gray. To me, it is fitting for the drama and wild beauty of the sea.

Outfit || Stripes 'n' Neutrals

Hello everyone, how has your weekend been so far? My Saturday has been the first day without great pain for a while. Most of this week I had a terrible toothache, and ended up needing a root canal on Thursday morning! Thankfully, today I have been feeling quite a bit better than I had been (especially after sleeping in!) and was able to go to the beach with my family and enjoy some photography with that perfect overcast lighting. Though sometimes painfully aware that I'm an amateur, behind the lens is one of the places I am happiest - my fellow shutterbugs probably know just what I mean! :)

Lifestyle || Bedroom Redecoration

One's home decor is a reflection of who they are and what they most enjoy. A place of solace from the busy world, a bedroom is a place where we should feel relaxed and ready to take a nap or read for bit. Just over a month ago, I realized that my own room was looking a bit too juvenile. Thus began the fun project of redecorating my space with my favorite colors and themes. I hope you enjoy seeing the results and perhaps even pick up a few amateur decorating tips!