Outfit || Scallops, Anyone?

Good evening, dear readers! Can you believe it!? I'm posting twice in one month. It's probably been a minute since I've done that, eh? ;) Well, I hope you've been having a lovely April thus far. Mine has been fairly busy and graced with the signs of Spring, including gorgeous daffodils, lovely sunsets, and less-than-pleasant pollen (hello, allergy meds).

Photography || Farewell to Winter

Hello, dear readers! I hope that March came to a peaceful close for you and yours and that April will prove to be a lovely spring month (or autumn month for the Southern Hemisphere natives!) We can look forward to a more pronounced change of seasons and a special holiday to celebrate the Lord's resurrection.

Outfit || Think Pink

Hello everyone! I'm here today with the first outfit shoot of 2019! In fact it's the first outfit shoot in um..a while. ;) The funny thing is, when I titled this post I mistakenly typed "Pink" as "Oink", which is almost as fitting since pigs are often pink. Also, I've had an obsession with miniature piglets lately. So in a manner of speaking I have been "thinking oink" in recent days. Please tell me I'm not the only who gets fixated on small, fuzzy animals...

Photography // Thoughts || Heart of the Matter

Hello ladies! Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and Happy Valentine's Day while I'm at it. ;) I'm afraid that sporadic blog posts are my new normal, but that will just make our time together that much sweeter. This post is quite long compared to most, so I will let you get to it. Please also enjoy a few beach photos I took last weekend. :)

*I have definitely not "arrived" (nor have any of us still living on earth;)) This post is for me too. God taught me new things as I was preparing the post. Anything good or encouraging that I have to say to you is from Him.*

Misc || A Hair-Raising Tale

Long time no see, eh readers? I have not forgotten you! Life is in full swing, and I confess that putting together blog posts isn't something I've put a lot of effort into lately. However, excuses are distasteful, so rather than making any more I shall just say that this evening I am content to be sharing a recent style adventure with you.

Photography || Autumn Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all (even those of you who aren't in the U.S.;)! Please enjoy a few excerpts from Psalm 147 accompanied by some of my recent photography of the Lord's Creation. Have a lovely weekend!