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Camp Tales! / Gray Skirt

{This is what I looked like after camp counseling for six days. It's harder than usual to tell I'm a fashion blogger. ;) }

   The long lost blogger of Sunday Best has finally returned! Though it's only been just over a week, it seems like an age has passed since I last wrote a post. There was good reason for this absence; I was spending six days at a camp, counseling for a cabin of 6th and 7th grade girls! Yesterday was my recovery day, and today I'm buckling down to get this post out. Okay, I call it "buckling down", but I'm actually enjoying this. ;)

Retro Summer

There is a special kind of day that makes me feel like I've stepped back in time. Sometimes, a lazy golden summer day seems to transport me to a sunshiny afternoon in the 1950's. Summer in general has a nostalgic feeling about it, reminding me of summers past and childhood memories. At the same time, I blaze trails through new sunshiny afternoons, creating memories to look back on in the years to come.

Liebster Award

Good afternoon! Today I would like to thank sweet Rebekah of Calico Sisters for giving me the Liebster Award. This award, named for the German word for "darling", seems to circulate through the blogosphere with alacrity. It must show how many encouraging gals there are out there! :)

Red, White, and Blue!

Hey all! Now that over a week has gone by,  it's probably time that I showed you what I wore for Independence Day. It has red and white and blue and stripes, and... and...well, it doesn't have stars. Four out of five patriotic elements isn't bad though, right? ;)

Outfit Guest Post {Laura}

   How do you do, dear readers? Today I'm excited to present you with a guest post by a lovely young lady named Laura. Read on, then check out her blog at Living and Dressing for My Savior. :)

Hello! My name is Laura and I blog over at Living and Dressing for My Savior, a modest fashion blog! When Paige asked me to do a guest post, I agreed excitedly! She is a dear blogging friend of mine and I love reading her posts, don't you? Of course, no post is complete without an outfit! If you were to meet me on an average day, this is most likely what you'd see me in! Nothing special, but oh so comfortable!

Historical Fashion How-To: Regency

Hi all! How was your Independence Day? Mine was full of fun and good eats with friends. I have a patriotic outfit to share with you at some point, but guess what!? I'm up to me ears in outfits that I need to post! Of course, this isn't necessarily a problem. ;) For now, we'll just hop in our fashion time machine and take a look at the Regency era.


Good evening, everyone! This post was something I was invited to do by a fellow blogger. It's a way to fill the internet with a few happy things amid the negativity. Here are the rules if you want to join it: If you have a blog, put together a post with the title #9Things with a list of... yep, you guessed it... 9 things that you find amazing. Then post the link below. Or, simply put your list on your social media account of choice (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google +, etc.) with the hashtag #9Things. Let's see if we can infuse some positivity into social media.

Vacation Style: Late June Edition

How do you do, all? :) I am back from what was probably my longest blogging hiatus ever, and it was not even a week and a half. Haha! This break was mostly due to going out of town for five days with my parents and best friend. We had a jam-packed week of shopping, hiking, driving, walking, eating out, hotel rooms and pools. Our busy little vacation was not only fun, but afforded plenty of opportunity for wearing and buying cute clothes! I'll show you a few of the outfits that I styled on our trip. :)

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to the lovely Ireland Rhea for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! :) It's just another way to get to know one another and encourage each other in our blogging. Ireland, I'm sorry that it took me so long to put this post up!
There are 2 rules:
List 7 facts about yourself. Pass the award on to a few other deserving blogs. 1. I have gone to the same church for my entire life (this includes before birth!) 2. I don't drink coffee. 3. Spiders are my phobia.
4. I like to clean things thoroughly (dishes, baby toys, my teeth), but end up taking a long time about it because of my perfectionism.
5. Psalm 27:8 is a great verse I "discovered" a few days ago.
6. The largest part of my ethnic background is Mexican (25%), though you would probably never guess.
7. I have worn bifocal glasses since I was about nine years old (the last two pairs have been blended so that the line doesn't show).

   My nominees are Sarah from All Things Vintage, McKenna of Cheri…