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     {This is what I looked like after camp counseling for six days. It's harder than usual to tell I'm a fashion blogger. ;) }

   The long lost blogger of Sunday Best has finally returned! Though it's only been just over a week, it seems like an age has passed since I last wrote a post. There was good reason for this absence; I was spending six days at a camp, counseling for a cabin of 6th and 7th grade girls! Yesterday was my recovery day, and today I'm buckling down to get this post out. Okay, I call it "buckling down", but I'm actually enjoying this. ;)
    Have you ever had a point in your life where you could actually see God working right before your eyes? That's what happened to me this past week at the Christian camp I was helping out at. At the beginning of last week, I met eight girls from ten to twelve years of age, knowing nothing about them or their walk with the Lord. By Friday, I knew many of their stories, had seen them laugh and cry, and answered many of their hard questions about the Bible. I could see that the Lord was calling them, and at the same time was reminded of my calling in Him.
   I spent last Sunday through Friday at a camp that I had previously heard great things about. A close friend was one of the two deans of women (camp moms) there, and several friends and acquaintances were there as staff, so my parents felt comfortable with my being there.  My co-counselors were two amazing sisters who I know through our home school group. Having friends there definitely made things easier, especially since I had trusted sisters in Christ to pray with when things got tough or I just felt spiritually dry.
   The camp ran on a tight schedule, with plenty of fun activities for the kids, but a definite emphasis on the Lord and the Gospel. Each morning and evening we went to chapel and would sing, and our speaker would give a message. Several people also shared their testimonies. After each chapel service, there was a breakout session during which the counselors and co-counselors would speak to the kids in their cabin about the message, hear from an older staff member, or just read and talk about the Bible.
  The girls in our cabin were definitely hungering for the love that only God can give. They shared difficult stories, told us their concerns, and asked deep questions about the Word. I give credit to God for helping me to speak to them and show love to them. It was an experience that changed my life for the better, and in the long run, grew my trust in the Lord. After all, how could I not trust Him more when He kept me cognitive after sleep-deprived nights and made my usual awkwardness in answering on-the-spot questions quick and clear? May He continue to work in the lives of the girls I ministered to, as well as my own! :)

  Now, on to the outfit, since this is a fashion blog. This gray skirt is a fairly recent edition to my closet (these photos were taken over a month ago...). It has a lovely classic cut and a neutral color that allows it to work with many items. On this particular Sunday I paired it with a lavender button-down blouse, added tights for a pop of color and shod myself in cute black pumps.To photo shoot this outfit, Mom and I headed off to a local flower garden that had many lovely blooms!

Blouse ~ Thrifted; Skirt ~ Thrifted; Tights ~ Target; Shoes ~ Target? 

Has God ever used you in such a way that you could see immediate results? 
Has He ever used you in a way that you didn't see until much later?

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,  to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen."
~Ephesians 3:20-21


  1. Counseling at the camp sounds like a wonderful experience. Working with children is so fun, and it is awesome how the Lord used you to make a difference in their lives!

    Lovely outfit!

  2. Wow....being a camp leader sounds like something you'd be awesome at! I'm actually volunteering for my church's VBS this week! Looking forward to it! I love your outift!!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! :)
      Oh, cool! Be sure to tell us how VBS went. We're doing it next week. :)


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