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Casual for Hiking

I feel as if it's been a long time since I did an outfit post! Now I'm ready to remedy the situation. ;) Today's outfit was worn hiking this weekend, and is probably the most casual thing I've posted here thus far. Of course, I find it impossible not to strive for a level of cuteness, even on those (rare) days when I wear jeans and a t-shirt.
   My Mom wanted to go hiking on a local trail for her birthday, so our family of three and several friends set out after lunch this Sunday afternoon. The trail overlooks the vast Pacific ocean, and the clear day offered spectacular views. Our afternoon was lovely as we enjoyed exercise in the fresh air and the fellowship of friends.

Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1940's

Guess what it's time for! That's right folks, we've got another appointment with our time machine. This evening we'll be learning how to dress for the '40's.


Sunshine Award (Round Two :)

Thank you to Cassie and Rebekah of Calico Sisters and Laura of Living and Dressing for My Savior for nominating me to receive the Sunshine Award! If you haven't seen their blogs yet, be sure to check them out. :) After I answer the Q & A for the award, I will nominate a few of the bloggers I follow. Also, just so you all know, another fashion related post is forthcoming! :D

Literary Heroine Blog Party

Happy Monday everyone! :) There is a Literary Heroine Blog Party being hosted over at Accordion to Kellie right now! It includes a blog link up in which you answer the below questions and a lovely giveaway which anyone may enter. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already (click on the button on my sidebar to find it...I'm not sure how to make a photo link within a post)! The party continues through the 28th.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Greetings lovely ladies! I hope that you are enjoying this Friday. :) It's rather wet and gray here, but the rain hasn't been here long enough yet for me to be bored of it. We'll see how I feel if it continues for another week. ;)
   Well, today is the day on which we in the Western world celebrate love. What kind of "love" you are celebrating depends on who you are and what you believe. For me, today is a reminder to think of the Lord's love for me, and to try to show His love to those around me (though this is something we can do every day!). And yes, it's also a superb excuse to eat sweets and wear a girly pink outfit. ;)

Rainy Day Sunday Best

Greetings ladies! How do you do this February evening? Thus far, I've had another week of being busy both in my home and "abroad". I'm getting ready to teach the first in a series of drawing classes tomorrow morning. Though I've already taught children arts and craft classes, this will be my first class focused solely on drawing. Drawing is definitely my cup of tea, and I hope my students will come to enjoy it too! :)
   The outfit that I am sharing with you today is what I wore to church yesterday - it seems fitting that I should post my Sunday best now and then. ;) You will notice that only one of the pictures in this post was taken outside. That was because  I was getting rather wet! You see, here on the coast we had a wonderfully rainy weekend. The precipitation was certainly needed, and it was a bit more exciting than the bland, overcast skies had been. There's something about rain which lends books, movies, and even real life a little (or a lot of) d…

Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1930's

I think it's time for another Historical Fashion post, don't you? Our topic for today is the style of the 1930's. Yay! Get comfortable in your favorite time-traveling chair and join me in a trip to the past.


A Day on the (Small) Town

What a fresh and sunny day yesterday was here on the coast! Blue skies beckoned us to take a Saturday adventure. As we munched on a simple "car picnic", we traveled the half hour drive to a charming Victorian town. Cute shops and consignment stores awaited us. We had only to find a good parking spot and amble down the sidewalk...

We began our outing with a trip to a store chock-full of all things antique and vintage. Above you can see about half of the hat collection (sorry for the bad photo quality), a 1930's dress and a 1910's dress!

Here is my view down the street.

One of the stores had a lovely painted ceiling reminiscent of those in fine palaces of the Old World.

They also had a room with some cute stuffed animals! I used to have quite a menagerie of animal toys myself, especially Beanie Babies. 

At a consignment store, I found yet another pair of wonderfully cute brown boots! They were a size too small, which made it easier not to snatch them up.

Mom and I m…