Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1940's

   Guess what it's time for! That's right folks, we've got another appointment with our time machine. This evening we'll be learning how to dress for the '40's.


  The grim fact that the world was at war dictated many aspects of life in the 1940's. Women's fashion was no exception. The occupation of Nazis in France meant that the fashion houses of Paris were forced to pause in their reign over style. In the United States, many women went to work doing the jobs of men away at war, or joining female branches of the military. For their new occupations, they needed new clothing that would serve its purpose, and some even turned to trousers.
   During this time, there was an utilitarian, sensible approach to everyday style. In order to save material, clothing was close-fitting, and skirts were short and straight. Shoulders were squared and often heavily padded. Suits were quite popular, though softer looking dresses were also worn. Ladies still maintained their elegance with red lipstick, perfectly coiffed hair and heeled shoes.
   After the war's end in 1945, fashion was able to become more relaxed. Paris again became the master of style. In 1947, the designer Dior came out with his wasp-waisted, full-skirted "New Look". This paved the way for the ultra feminine clothing of the next decade.

  My indispensable brown dress is in its element as a retro costume. Its straight skirt, long row of buttons, and full sleeves remind me of the dresses of 1940's. To the dress I added a brooch, sensible heels, and a bright red belt. A vintage inspired updo and red lipstick complemented my look. Sure, not everything is precisely period correct, but it makes a simple and charming recreation of the era. This is an example of a costume that can easily be pulled together by viewing one's closet with a specific time period in mind.

  This outfit is one of my favorites in the series so far! Each item of clothing already has a somewhat vintage look, and when I put them together it definitely said "1940's"! The base for this outfit is a button-up blouse and a high-waisted black pencil skirt. Over this I added a little jacket with full, short sleeves. My shoes of choice were black heeled oxfords, which were definitely popular in the 40's. A long brown coat finished the look and kept out the cold wind! 

  I hope that you enjoyed this most recent venture into history. Keep a look out for my next historical post on the 50's. In the mean time, have a simply superb weekend! 

Sing praises to God, sing praises! 
Sing praises to our King, sing praises!
For God is the King of all the earth;
Sing praises with understanding.
God reigns over the nations;
God sits on His holy throne.
~Psalm 47:6-8


  1. Great work Paige! Your history was perfectly said!

    I especially like the Oxford's!!


    1. Thank you Cassie, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

  2. L.O.V.E. this!! :D :D the second look is my fave! :D

  3. I agree love the second outfit! You are doing such a great job in capturing the different eras! Looking forward to seeing the 50's post!

    1. Oh just wanted to add that my mom bought me some 40's style heels(via Goodwill) for my birthday! Can't wait to wear them! :D

    2. Thanks muchly! :) Congratulations on the new heels! :D I'm sure you'll have fun with them.


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