Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1930's

   I think it's time for another Historical Fashion post, don't you? Our topic for today is the style of the 1930's. Yay! Get comfortable in your favorite time-traveling chair and join me in a trip to the past.





   In the United States, the carefree days of the 20's were brought to an end by the devastating stock market crash of 1929. As there was another transformation of society, women's fashion also took a definite turn. The boyish figure was forsaken for the feminine form. Short hemlines were exchanged for longer cuts. Clothing was manufactured to be less expensive. The production of ready-to-wear (as opposed to tailor-made) clothing began to increase. Glamorous cinema stars became style icons in Hollywood's golden age.
  Of all the changes in style during this time, the new shape was the most obvious. The waist returned to its natural place and clothing was worn closer to the body. Long, lean lines were the ideal of the decade. Fabric was now cut on the bias (at an angle to the grain), giving the garments clinging and draping effects.
   While the general shape of an outfit may have had a clean and simple cut, the sleeves were quite the opposite. Fluttery sleeves, puffed sleeves, and square-shouldered sleeves all saw their hey-day in the 1930's. However, not everything about the era was fantastical and romantic. There were also the sensible, tailored looks of suits and long, button-down coats. All in all, the 30's was a decade of variety and imagination in clothing.

   Guess what? I have not one, not two, but three historically inspired outfits to show you today! :D I had fun coming up with vintage inspired (and sometimes silly!) ways to model the ensembles. When I wasn't goofing off, I felt quite elegant. ;)
  Above you see a dress that was recently handed down to Mom. When I first saw it, I thought that it looked delightfully 30's. It's perfect for capturing the elegant look of the decade with its butterfly sleeves and flowing skirt. A cloche hat and colored pearls coordinated well with the dress's colors and gave it a vintage feel. My choice of shoes were silver heels that had a glamorous look and artistic design similar to those seen in the era.

Dress ~ Borrowed from Mom, given to her by a friend; Tank Top ~ Thrifted; Scarf / Belt ~ Borrowed from Mom; Pearls ~ Borrowed; Hat ~ Borrowed, bought new from Target; Shoes ~ Bought new from Kohl's

  My next ensemble was inspired by the long, draping gowns of the decade. I wore a long tank dress with a blazer and belt (the same scarf that appeared in the last outfit!) over it, since belted jackets were a feature of the time. For shoes, I wore my beloved heeled oxfords, which are wonderfully period correct! I later exchanged the blazer for a black bolero with slightly gathered sleeves. Actually, it's a shrug that ties in the front, but here it's tied underneath in the back to change its look.

Dress ~ Borrowed from Mom, bought new at Macy's; Blazer ~ Gift; Scarf / Belt ~ Borrowed; Shrug ~ Thrifted; Shoes ~ Thrifted

  Sweaters began to be part of women's wear in the 1930's. In this short-sleeved little argyle number, a straight skirt, and heeled oxfords, I imitated the sportier style of the era. An outfit like this is suitable for modern times, but maintains a vintage flavor. One of the things I like about studying historical fashion is finding inspiration for my every day wear. Do you ladies enjoy incorporating different style eras into your modern outfits?

Sweater ~ Borrowed, thrifted; Skirt ~ Thrifted; Shoes ~ Thrifted

  Alright, it's time to come back to the 21st century now! We've had another enjoyable trip to days gone by. I chose to close with the following verse because it reminded me of the transition of the prosperity of the 20's to the Depression in the 30's. People were clamoring for wealth and fun times only to have disappointment when those things escaped them. King Solomon had every material good and pleasure at his disposal, but found that these things are not what makes life truly fulfilling. Let us see what he found to be the real aim of life. :)

"Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:
Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is the whole duty of man."
~Ecclesiastes 5:19


  1. I love this post!! :D I love the first outfit, but I also love the third! (I like them all, but those are my very faves) since they're so totally different it's like comparing apples and oranges. ;) so well done ^_^

    1. Thanks muchly Moriah! :D I'm glad you liked the outfits; they were fun to put together.

  2. Paige I absolutely adore all three of your outfits; you did such a great job in capturing the 30's style! Love your silver shoes and they have a very art deco flare to them and I adore your oxfords! I also have a pair of them and love how old fashion they feel and look. So neat the same things you mentioned in this post I have just been reading in a book called, Decades of Fashion from 1900 to Present. I checked it out at the library and it has awesome pictures in it except for the modern day stuff...if you check this book out stay clear of the later fashions. Loved this post and looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you for sweet words Sarah! Heeled oxfords are definitely one of my favorite shoe styles. I'm also glad you could see the post too...now I don't have to worry that it's invisible. :)
      That book sounds interesting (though I'll keep the caution in mind)! I checked out a few historical books at the library which I got my information from. Our library has a good section of books about bygone styles.

    2. Haha...yes no more worries about the invisible post! I just love my local library because of all the books it has on fashion!

  3. Nice fashion blog! I've only skimmed over a few posts, but I like the simple, vintage look to the dressier outfits, and the easy modern casual for the everyday running around ones.

    *gasp* I have that same hat!:O Now I know how to style it!;)

    Abigail of happysnappingphotography.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you so much Abigail! :) I'm glad that you enjoyed looking at my blog and finding out how to style your hat! ;)


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