Casual for Hiking

   I feel as if it's been a long time since I did an outfit post! Now I'm ready to remedy the situation. ;) Today's outfit was worn hiking this weekend, and is probably the most casual thing I've posted here thus far. Of course, I find it impossible not to strive for a level of cuteness, even on those (rare) days when I wear jeans and a t-shirt.
   My Mom wanted to go hiking on a local trail for her birthday, so our family of three and several friends set out after lunch this Sunday afternoon. The trail overlooks the vast Pacific ocean, and the clear day offered spectacular views. Our afternoon was lovely as we enjoyed exercise in the fresh air and the fellowship of friends.

  For the outing I wore my favorite boot cut jeans, and layered a long sleeved purple top with a blue graphic tee. I accessorized with my favorite silver chain and pendants. My shoes of choice were brown Converse sneakers, which are what I typically wear on a trail that doesn't require actual hiking boots. Since it wasn't terribly cold when we started out, I just put on a cardigan for protection from the chill.

Here are a couple of beautiful views.

I was happy to have this cheery daffodil from the trail in my hair - daffodils are my favorite flower!

    So, you may have noticed that I made a new page! I realized that I enjoyed reading "About Me" pages on the blogs of others, but did not have one myself! It was difficult to write, but I suppose it's only natural to find that putting one's own life in a nutshell that is available to the entire internet is a daunting task. In any case, that's enough about me. ;) Here are some questions for you: 
So, what did you this past weekend? Do you enjoy hiking or walking? What is your favorite flower

"Praise the Lord from the earth, You great sea creatures and all the depths; Fire and hail, snow and clouds, stormy wind, fulfilling His word;"
 ~Psalm 148:7-8


  1. Your outfit looks so cute! I must say when I'm hiking I don't look that good! Glad you were able to celebrate your mom's birthday in such a fun way! :)

    1. Hee, hee, thanks Laura! I must admit...this is one of my better hiking outfits. ;)


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