Accessories (Part One)!

  As fun as it is, I have to admit that keeping up with a blog is more work than I thought it would be. :) Nevertheless, (okay, it isn't so terribly hard), I am now writing my next post. Today, the subject is accessorizing! Because there is so much ground to cover, this will be a two-part post. I shall try to publish the next installment as soon as possible.
  As far as fashion goes, accessories are the icing on the cake! Though they may not be the centerpiece of an outfit, they pull it together and decide its theme or demeanor. Sometimes a simple necklace will do, whereas on other days, a girl likes to go all out with the embellishments. Getting creative with accessories is a simple way to step up one's style.
  Before I continue, I would like to note that several of the following items have been homemade by friends and family. Many thanks for their creativity!

  Necklaces are probably the easiest way to add some sparkle to an outfit. If you have one good chain, then you can switch or mix and match pendants, like I do with my silver chain. Some necklaces (above right) stand out and need to be worn with simple tops and not compete with other jewelry. Just make sure that your necklace doesn't hit right at your top's neckline; it looks slightly awkward (below)! :(

  Ribbons can be used in place of chains. The above pendant was gifted to me with the thin ribbon. I've also worn it with the lacy ribbon.

  Pearl necklaces are classy and timeless. Though pearls look lovely with a party dress, they also work for more less dressy occasions. Freshwater pearls can be worn in a more casual way, because of their imperfect shape and soft coloring.

  Bracelets are also great at giving your ensemble some pizzazz. They can be demure, like the simple beaded ones, or bold, like the chunky silver one. The leather band on the far left is from a craft at my church's VBS and says "Jesus is the Way". :)

  Wearing hair ornaments is both useful and pretty -- they help keep hair and place and cover up trouble spots! This Celtic style piece had a clip that fell off, so a friend attached it to a comb.
Flowers both fresh and synthetic are decidedly feminine. The above left flower is fabric, while the center flower is foam. On the right, I have a peacock feather in my hair! Though I've only ever worn it to a 1920's costume party, I think it's simply lovely. :)
Another fun way to add a floral touch to what you're wearing is to pin on a homemade flower. My mom knit this one, and I have crocheted many. Truthfully, yarn flowers aren't part of my own style, but they could be your next fashion statement! :)
Wearing belts is one way that I change the overall look of an outfit. They can make a plain dress or shirt more "fancy". In these photos, I have taken out the matching belt that came with my chambray shirt dress and tried on others. The carved leather belt makes the outfit seem slightly western, while the red belt ( which is my personal favorite) gives it a retro feel.
Stay tuned for part two!
"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ." - Colossians 3:23-24


  1. good stuff! i like how like half of these were gifts....from us! ;D

    1. Hah, I know! You help define my style. ;)

  2. Hi! My sister and I have decided to award you the Sunshine Blogger Award on our blog! Make sure to check it out soon!


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