Preppy Autumn Outfit / Blogger Button Questions

"He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;"
~Daniel 2:21

  During this time of year, I enjoy being cozy inside sipping hot tea, reading, watching candles burn and curling up in blankets. Being outside is refreshing, as I take brisk walks in the chilly air and see all the trees that have put on their most brilliant colors. As beautiful as our warmer weather was, I am taking advantage of the new bracing cool in the air. Today I have not only had tea and taken a walk, but I am also wearing a sweater! When the outdoors look gloomy, it is fun to wear a pop of color to brighten up the day!
  I decided to call this outfit preppy, because a V-neck sweater layered with a white button-down shirt has a decidedly classic look. My flared jeans and boots are a little more western in style, but we shan't give that much consequence today. ;) Overall, the ensemble is fitting for October.

  The ruffled white shirt I am wearing is from my favorite consignment store. I believe that it could be called a tuxedo shirt, though it is definitely meant to be a ladies' blouse. Most likely, the sweater is from a thrift store - I think that friends found it for me, but it has been a while, so my memory fails me! My jeans and blazer are both thrifted. The boots are genuine leather and were definitely not cheap -- but they last a long time!

  One of my favorite easy hairstyles to do is a low side bun. To make it more interesting today I left the ends of my hair hanging out and added fabric flower pin. The pin's color contrasts my sweater, which keeps things from being dull. :)

  Now it is time for me to ask my fellow bloggers for help! I have been trying to make a button for my blog. If you are not a blogger who has made/is planning to make a button, the rest of this post will probably be boring and confusing to you, so feel free to skip it. :)
  Anyway, after research, trial and error I uploaded the image for my button onto, which made my photo into several kinds of links that I could paste in where needed. I used two different methods to make my button. One of them was to use a link that I found on Wikihow that had places to paste in my own blog info and image. The other method that I used was to paste everything into the Grab my Button code generator, which makes the code for the blogger.
  After using each of these methods, I viewed my blog. I see the code for my button there, but the image is not showing up. It's just a little box with an "x" in it. Right now I believe it is the code Grab My Button made for me. Does the image show up for you? Can any of you tell me what I might have done wrong? Do you have any better ideas? Thank you for your help! :)


  1. I used to tear my hair out every time I made a blog button until I found this site:

    It does all of the hard stuff for you! ;) You will still need to make your button image ahead of time and save it to an online site so you have a URL for your image. I use Picasa web albums ( since all of our pictures from Blogger are stored there anyway. Once you've made your button (I highly recommend to make a nice fancy button...and you can save it directly to Picasa Web) and saved it to Picasa Web albums, right click on the picture and select "copy image URL". Then go to the first site I linked to. It should be pretty self explanatory. You'll want to paste your image URL to the third space. Just make sure that once you've copied it, you remove the "s" from the "https" in your image URL or your picture won't show up.

    Hope this helps! Blog buttons are really confusing when you first learn them, but this site makes it so much easier! ;)

    Feel free to email me or something if you need more info. :)

  2. Thanks! The button generator I used was one that you had mentioned to me before. However, I didn't know about Picasa or Ribbet. I shall try those and see if it works! :)

  3. Whoops! I forgot I already gave you that link. :} I'm getting forgetful in my old age. ;)

    I hope you can get it to work...

  4. And I just looked at your sidebar and saw that you figured it out! :)

    1. I certainly did! Thanks bunches for your help! I needed it! ;) :D

  5. Great job fixing up the button! That is alot of work!!! :)
    I left a comment here before with some info- must have been lost ? ...
    So glad you found out what to do! We have added it to our sidebar! It works! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Thanks! :)
      Hm...I never saw your comment...must have been an internet glitch. :\


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