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Photography || Christmas 2016

And just like that, Christmas has come and gone. I thought perhaps today's post would be a last weekends events with photos to illustrate. Instead, I present something more like photo essay with a few words of explanation. Though I don't always hold the view that a picture is worth a thousand words, I think in this case photography will help you reminiscence of Christmas day with me.

Outfit || Stylin' In the Rain

Hello dear readers! The season has officially changed today, though winter had already come to the North. Even here on the coast, frost has been covering the ground each morning. Meanwhile, my birthday has now come on gone, with sweet family and friends making it a special day. Christmas festivities continue and fighting illness has become a normal part of my day.'s December!

Outfit || Winter Print Mix

Hello, dear readers! Has December kept you with scarcely a dull moment? I am in the midst of a busy, under-the-weather, and sometimes stressful season, but the unhappy moments can be brightened by the fun events and kind thoughts surrounding them. Through it all, we must keep on traveling the road called life and trusting that God has the best plan for all circumstances.

Misc || A New Look & Christmas Traditions

Ah, December, the month of overlapping colds! Though disappointed to miss out on a party this week and thinking of the looming pile of work waiting for me at the office, there is a silver lining to my current malady. I have had time to 1) paint my nails (which I rarely do) and 2) finish my new blog header. What do you think? I'm excited to have a new look and a more accurate description of the content on Sunday Best. Now for a bit of the "and more" part! ;)