Hello all! It's time for another round of my Q & As! This time my friend Lydia of C'est La Vie tagged me for the Get-To-Know-Me Tag. It was fun to answer the questions, and I tried not to make it too complicated.


Best Friend: Some preschool close friends were Kyle, Rachel, and Darby
Award: Hmm...that would probably be a placement ribbon for cross-country when I was in elementary school.
Sport: Rythmic Gymnastics
Real Holiday: As in Vacation? Dad tells me it might have been a one-night camping trip where I cried in the middle of the night. The first time I was ever gone for a week was when we went to Yosemite when I was twelve.
Concert: My first concert memories were for a big non-demoninational Christian choir that I later ended up being part of.


Sense and Sensibility. It's a movie that I have watched countless times and still enjoy...though I think it's time for a break. ;)
TV Show: We watch vintage TV shows, but I'm not particularly attached to any of them. Some of the ones I watch are Perry Mason, The Incredible Hulk and The Andy Griffith Show.
Color: Mint, teal, turquoise, :)
Song: Be Thou My Vision (I play it on my dulcimer every day, so I guess it's in my mind a lot).
Restaurant: My family doesn't eat out a lot. I'll say Abruzzi, a nice Italian restaurant I went to  on my 21st birthday. I wouldn't say it was the best food I'd had, but it was good and the service was pleasant.
Books: Right now, Wives and Daughters. You may remember that I was reading this during my last tag, and I still am working through it. ;)


Feeling: Well-rested (nothing like a good night's sleep!)
Single or Taken? Single
Eating: Nothing currently, but I recently finished homemade hot chocolate.
Watching: Dreamquest, a show about kids getting to do things they have dreamed of, like swimming with sea lions.
Wearing:'s Saturday, okay? ;)


Want Children? Maybe up to three kiddos, but I'm not particularly desperate. :)
Want to be Married? Yes
Careers in Mind: Well if I get married, that would be housewife. Until then I want to have a stimulating office job...I start training for a new job at a car dealership office this coming week!
Where do you want to live? I wouldn't mind staying in California.

Do You Believe In:

God: Yes!
Miracles: Yes!
Love at first sight: Attraction, yes. Love is not just a fluttery feeling, so you can choose to show love to anyone you meet at first sight. Deep care and loyalty is developed over time.
Ghosts: I do believe in angels (and fallen angels), but I don't believe that deceased people come back to haunt us as ghosts.
Aliens: Beings living on other planets? Nope!
Heaven:  Yes indeed! It is what I have to look forward too.
Hell:  Yes.
Kissing on the first date:  No way. That is, unless you are in a kind of courtship where you never go on an official date until after marriage - then that's okay. ;)
Yourself: I believe that when I am weak, Christ is strong in me.

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  Hope you ladies can do it! :) If not, no worries. Everyone can feel free to answer any or all of these questions in the comments below. In fact, I challenge you each to choose one to answer!

 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.
Galatians 5:22-23 


  1. Fun tag to read Paige! I had no idea you played the dulcimer! (Saw you added that to your "about" also.) I absolutely love them! The sound is so so beautiful. How neat!

    And exciting about your new job! Hope all goes well in that!

    Calico Sisters blog

    1. Thanks Cassie! :) Oh yes! I am still very much a beginner at the hammered dulcimer, but I really enjoy it.
      Thanks much!

  2. Ohh! Thank you! Excited about the tag! Was wondering what version of S&S you like?

    1. So welcome! :D 1995. I haven't seen the newest one.

  3. You did it! Yay! Thanks, it was a lot of fun to read!
    What is rhythmic gymnastics? I've never heard of that before. It sounds neat though.
    Sense and Sensibility is a fun movie! Which version do you like? I had always thought I liked the 1995 one best and then I saw the 2008 one...that Colonel Brandon (David Morrissey)changed my mind. I felt like he was a flawless portrayal of his character. Okay, I'll stop being an Janeite (as I discovered her fans are technically called!) now. ;)
    Another fellow Perry Mason lover! I don't think I've ever known one besides myself!
    Congrats on the new job! Hope it works out well for you and that you enjoy it!
    And you already know all of my answers to these questions so I'll ignore your challenge. ;D

    1. Thanks! :D
      It's the kind of gymnastics that involves more dance-like movements and ribbon twirling (I never got past somersaults and cartwheels and stopped when I found out I would have to perform!) rather than *Hem* super scary stuff.
      1995 is my favorite! I haven't actually seen the 2008 version. I know there's a questionable scene in the beginning ... probably easy to skip?

    2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for explaining that to me!
      Yeah, I was not happy they put that scene in the 2008 movie. It was totally needless! But yes, it is very easy to skip. Just fast-forward through the first three minutes of the movie and the rest is good! ;)

    3. Nice! I would like to see it sometime.

  4. I would love to do this, just very busy right now. Sorry ): Looks like fun! Thanks for thing of me!

    1. Aw, I'm sorry you can't do it, but don't worry about it! :) Hope you are having a good week!

  5. This was a fun post to read. :)

    Be Thou My Vision is my favorite song too!! :D

    1. Thanks!
      Oh, neat! :D It's great when a song combines good words /and/ a majestic tune.

  6. I enjoyed reading all the answers!! Sounds like fun! By the way, I really like the picture on this post ... did you take it? Spring flowers are so nice!

    1. Thanks Rosalyn! Yes, I did! It is from a short hike that we took last year.

  7. I read this a while back, but apparently never, here I go!
    The flower photo is beautiful. Awesome that you enjoy Andy Griffith. My family has always really enjoyed that show. Italian food sounds spectacular (especially right now since I'm very hungry)! Great answers about love and kissing on the first date (ha! :) ). And wonderful testimony about Christ in you (your answer on "Yourself.) Have an awesome Friday and a great weekend Paige!

    1. Oh, hehe! :)
      Thank you, it sounds yummy to me too, and I'm glad we have similar views on those things. ;)
      Thank you! May you have a lovely weekend as well!


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