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   Hello all, I am back from whatever rock I was hiding under! What really happened was a week with plenty of rain, an odd schedule, more than usual hours at work, and no daylight in the evening, all of which spelled trouble for getting in an outfit shoot. Yesterday afternoon I had some free time, sunshine, and an available photographer, which spelled success for an outfit shoot. Not everything was just right, as my photos ended up including shoes more conducive to marshland wandering than the ankle boots I had worn to church. However, this is the real life of a non-career blogger. Please enjoy and look forward to the cute new shoes I will show you at a later date...;)

   Yesterday's outfit was centered on styling a turquoise sweater tunic with loose black jeggings. A wide black belt added a chic accent to the cowl-necked tunic. Black boots were a warm choice for a chilly few minutes taking photographs at a local wildlife area. My long black coat was a piece of outerwear that protected me from the cold without sacrificing style. Altogether, it was a fun outfit appropriate for many everyday occasions. 

Outfit Details: Dress ~ ?; Pants ~ Ross; Belt ~ Thrift or Consignment Store; Boots ~ Sears 

  And so, dear readers, it is goodbye for now! I would like to extend an apology to my fellow bloggers for being remiss in commenting on your posts; I hope to catch up soon. May you all have a lovely week!

But You, O Lord, are a shield for me,
My glory and the One who lifts up my head.

Psalm 3:3


  1. I like your sweater tunic - it looks nice and warm with your coat and boots. I have several tunics - I like to wear them with my trousers to increase modesty.

    Blessings Rebecca

    1. Thanks so much! Tunics can be really fun. :)
      Enjoy your weekend Rebecca!

  2. Well you look very cute in your favorite color! I do like the leggings and boots.your choice of adding the belt was perfect touch. Looking forward to seeing your new cute shoes post! Thank you for finding time to share such nice photos, love your hair. Have a great rest of your week:) Stephanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie - and thanks for remembering my favorite color. :D Yes, I have a photo shoot with the shoes all ready for the next post. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Lovely outfit, Paige! I really like the blue knitted look, and the belt really cinches everything together!


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