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Outfit & Thoughts || What's With Being a Woman?

Greetings, readers! I have a double feature blog post today, with a fun new outfit and some thoughts on a current, yet age-old issue. To save on time, I will explain about the outfit here. It features four darling new items - the skirt is gifted from a co-worker, tights from Mom for my birthday, and boot cuffs and booties purchased using a Target birthday gift-card from my co-workers. P.S, these shoes are a new favorite pair. :)

Outfit || Winter Cool

Hello all, I am back from whatever rock I was hiding under! What really happened was a week with plenty of rain, an odd schedule, more than usual hours at work, and no daylight in the evening, all of which spelled trouble for getting in an outfit shoot. Yesterday afternoon I had some free time, sunshine, and an available photographer, which spelled success for an outfit shoot. Not everything was just right, as my photos ended up including shoes more conducive to marshland wandering than the ankle boots I had worn to church. However, this is the real life of a non-career blogger. Please enjoy and look forward to the cute new shoes I will show you at a later date...;)

Music || O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Hi all! I hope that those of you up here with me in the northern hemisphere are staying safe and warm this week. Though it's difficult to imagine as I type with icy fingers, I also hope that you who hail from the south are enjoying some warm, mild summer days. A new year has come upon us, and just like that 2016 is history! More on that later...meanwhile, I have a long overdue Christmas song to offer.