Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1950's Part One

  "Part one?!" you ask. Yes, we have come to one of my favorite decades of 20th century fashion, and my inspiration abounds. Why not throw in a two-parter to keep the series going as long as possible? ;) Without further ado I give you part one of our journey into the 1950's.





   The 1950's is a decade that we in the U.S. often look on as being the "good old days" of American existence. Our economy was good, the World War was a memory, families flourished in comfortable homes, and children played safely in their neighborhoods. However, beneath all the apparent ease were hard times and social revolutions. Racial segregation, the "forgotten war" in Korea, and the rise of subcultures were also part of the era.
   The different aspects of life had an affect on what people wore. The typical woman of the 1950's wore garments with tiny waists and long, full skirts. She might also dress in closer fitting pencil skirts and sheath dresses. There were also swing-back dresses and shirt dresses. Whatever she wore, a society lady would certainly be wearing something feminine without the stiffness and squared shoulders of the previous decade. Pearls, heeled pumps, and immaculate hairdos were a must for an elegant lady.
   At the same time, the lady's teenage daughter might be a bobby-soxer decked out in a poodle skirt, cardigan, saddle shoes and the the famous white socks. Then again, she might be part of a subculture and wear tight black pants with a sloppy sweater and a beret. You see, after the second World War ended, youth began to have their own fashions in {opposition} to what their parents wore.

   My full wool skirt, button up white blouse, black heels, and  high ponytail make a base for two 50's looks. The items needed for these outfits should be fairly easy for most gals to find from what they already own. The first look has a Roman Holiday flavor with the shirt's sleeves rolled up and scarf tied under the collar. The second look has more of a teenage flair with a little pink cardigan thrown on over the shirt. Putting the scarf in my hair adds another retro touch. Unfortunately, I don't have the right kind of shoes, or I would have worn them with white socks. ;)

  I must admit that this isn't an outfit which everyone easily throws together from what they already have, but I just had to show you! :) For my high school graduation ceremony, I wanted to wear a sophisticated gown in the style of the 50's. I designed this dress, which my mother made by tweaking a modern pattern. I'm a big fan of the sweetheart neckline and chiffon overlay! To complete my vintage look, I styled my hair up in a French twist (or rather, my off-the-cuff long hair version of a twist...), put on a pearl necklace, and stepped into my silver heels!


   I hope that you enjoyed learning about 1950's fashion! I was in my element, in case you couldn't tell. ;) My next historical post will have two more 50's outfits. Until then, stay stylin'!

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."
 ~Hebrews 13:8


  1. there are many a times where i wish i could have been born in the 50s- their fashion was AMAZING! i especially love all the full skirts. if i could dress like doris day i'd be so over the moon, haha!

    xo marlen
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    1. I know! It would be so fun if styles like this became popular again. By the way, thank you for commenting Marlen. :)

  2. love this post! :D can't wait to see part two :)

    1. Thanks! I look forward to posting again :)

  3. Wonderfully conducted Paige!
    The dress your mother made is wonderful! How special that you also were able to design it yourself for your spacial day! Sweetheart neck-lines are a favorite of mine also!

    Oh, and your kitchen is ever so cute!

    blessings and love,

  4. Thanks muchly Cassie. :)
    Yes, I thought our retro kitchen would be perfect for a retro photoshoot! :D

  5. The 50's is also one of my favorite decades! Love your cute pink cardigan! Also your elegant dress is so lovely! Looking forward to part two! By the way have you seen an older post I did about a little 50's inspired music video I was in? If you haven't here's the link
    I'm hoping to get the video up soon too!
    In Christ,

    1. Thanks Sarah! :D I hope to have part two out some this week, if I can find the time to do one more photoshoot...haha!
      Oooh, it looks like you had fun shooting the video and getting to wear vintage inspired clothing and makeup! It would be fun to see the vid sometime.


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