Guest Post: Costume Inspired Dress by Jill

Hi, my name is Jill and I blog over at the Wizard of Odds and Ends, my craft/fashion/chatty blog.
First off, I want to thank Paige for asking me to do a guest post! I am thrilled to have this opportunity!
I've been trying to figure out what to write about for nearly a week. Lately, I've been writing a Handmade Wardrobe Series on my blog where I try to build two or three outfits around one article of clothing that I made. It has been challenging, but SO much fun. Today, I decided I'd show an earlier piece of sewing that I did.

I only learned how to use a sewing machine about three years ago in my early twenties after having failed miserably in Home Ec. Class in 8th grade. My blue eyed white teddy bear ended up being hand sewn but that got me addicted. I started sewing anything and everything.
The world of patterns and fabric did not open up to me until my late teens. I wanted to be Dorothy at a school Halloween party but I wanted it to look exactly. like. the. movie. You know, In The Wizard of Oz? (Yes, of course, I love that movie!) I went to Walmart bought the licensed Simplicity pattern and had the lady at the fabric counter help me out with purchasing the fabric. Then over the next three months I proceeded to sew the entire dress by hand. But that's not the only dress I ever hand sewed, which I know borders on insanity.
Being a fan of the Wizard of Oz, I am also a Judy Garland fan. One day, at the miscommunicated suggestion of a friend, I went out and bought the fabric for the "You, Wonderful You" dress that Miss Garland wears as Jane Falbury in Summer Stock. It turned out my friend actually asked me to try and make the "Embraceable You" dress from Girl Crazy. What could I do? I already had the pink fabric so I just cut and sewed.

This dress was a challenge to make and isn't perfect. The only pattern piece I used was for the front skirt panel which basically gave me a guideline for length. The dress, as well as all of the lace is hand sewn. I'm not sure I'll ever get to wear it for anything. It's not really a well recognized movie costume, so I hope you all enjoy seeing itt here after it sat in my closet for about 7 years just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be shared!

Thanks again, Paige, for letting me guest post and giving me the chance to share this dress! Thanks everyone for reading! :)

  Isn't Jill a great seamstress? Her costume inspired dress is so pretty. Be sure to take a look at Jill's blog, The Wizard of Odds and Ends, to see more of her creativity!
By the way, I would like to apologize for the fact that I did not put up my Fashion Defined post today. I procrastinated about researching, so it will have to wait until next week. Jill sent her guest post today, so everything worked out splendidly! :) 
I hope that you all are having a lovely weekend so far! "See" you again soon!

A man will be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth,
And the recompense of a man’s hands will be rendered to him.
~Proverbs 22:29


  1. Very pretty costume! Jill did a great job sewing--that would wear me out!

    1. Hee, yes! I barely got through a simple dress once in my life. :)

  2. Nicely done! :)


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