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   Happy weekend ladies! How has your Saturday been so far? Mine has been busy with church cleaning, exercising, and blogging, with Sunday School lesson planning and hopefully movie watching this evening!
   Today I would like to do something different from my usual Saturday post. Yesterday I was inspired to show you some little "tricks of the trade" I have used in order to make my wardrobe more modest. So far, I've only come up with three that go beyond the obvious realm of camisoles and leggings. Maybe another post will come down the road when I try something new. :) For now, let's roll the

Modesty Tip #1: Use Fashion Tape to Keep Necklines in Place

   Mom and I discovered "Hollywood Fashion Tape" at our local Jo-Ann Fabrics around the time that I graduated from high school.  It's a double-stick tape that sticks to both to the skin and the garment, keeping the garment in place. I wore it around the neckline of the dress that Mom made for my graduation so that it was appropriate from all angles and in all positions. Now and then I also use it for camisoles. It's perfect for anyone wanting to keep a neckline from gapping open.

Modesty Tip #2: Use Safety Pins in Place of Buttons

   The only time I can actually remember using safety pins for my wardrobe was on a button-up dress; the placement of the lowest button was so high up that there was a big slit in the front of the skirt. I used a pin to pull closed bottom of the skirt, and it worked quite well, continuing to stay put through multiple washing machine visits. Safety pins could also prove useful for taking the place of a button at the top blouse that's too low cut. Though another button might be the best solution, safety pins work well in the meantime.

Modesty Tip #3: Wear an Underskirt or Slip Extender to Lengthen Hemlines

   This is a tip that seems to have some prevalence in the fashion world, but I didn't try it until this year. First, I tried wearing one of my lighter skirts under a dress that I decided was too short for me to be comfortable in, even with leggings. I was really pleased with the result! Not long after, Mom made me a slip extender, which has also worked well. It's basically just a light underskirt edged with wide lace edging. Using a lightweight underskirt of some kind can broaden your options of dresses and skirts, and since so many need slips anyway, it won't add extra bulk. Just make sure that the fullness of the skirts  look well together. :)

  Do you have any modesty tips?
 If you do, please comment below, or even send an email to the address on my "contact" page. 

 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is
 that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
Romans 12:2


  1. Great tips Paige! I use the safety pin tip occasionally for blouses that need an extra top button.

  2. These are excellent tips, Paige! Thank you so much for sharing...I know this will be useful to many young girls, including me! ;)

  3. I always forget about fashion tape! I should just get some and use it, because I don't always want to have to put my hand over my neckline. And there are those dresses that are okay when you're standing up but if you even lean over slightly, they're horrible :P

    1. You should get some! :D Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.


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