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Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1970's

Hello all! Our tour through 20th century fashion comes to a close with the decade we are looking into today. However, the series itself has certainly not met its end! From now on we will be digging deeper into history, imitating the looks of earlier centuries. I won't get ahead of myself though - first we must peer into the styles of that wacky decade known as the 70's!


Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1960's

Wow, we've already made it to the 1960's! This sixth decade of fashion that we've explored together is probably the most vibrant and varied we've seen thus far. If all you can think of are hippie clothes, scroll down and you'll see why I like this era! Also....I have finally decided to show my face! *gasp*


   The 1960's was a time of revolution and unrest. Subcultures, youth movements, and social reform defined the decade. With the changing times came new fashions. Upper class socialites, Mods, and Hippies all had their own distinctive look. What people wore was a reflection of how they viewed life in general.    A girl from the Mod culture might wear a brightly colored A-line dress and jacket with tall boots. Housewives could spend the day in floral dresses with boat necklines, then hold a dinner parties in sheath dresses and pearls. Society ladies might attend a formal event in full-skirted gowns with empire waists. Later in the era, a…

Awkward + Awesome / St. Patty's Day Outfit

There's something new happening on Sunday Best! I have finally decided to start my own awkward and awesome posts! Reading other bloggers' "awk and awe"s has been fun for me, and I hope that mine will be just as amusing. :) For those of you who don't know what kind of post this is, I will tell you that it is a way for bloggers to share how their weeks have been going by making lists of what has been awkward (somewhat bad or just simply occurrences) and what has been awesome (good stuff ;) )!


* Making a new cookie recipe and watching it become the tiniest lump of dough I've ever seen, so that I have to make more.
* Pretending to get mad at a guy I saw who I thought was texting while driving (which is illegal here), and realizing that it was his steering wheel and not a cell phone I was seeing.
* Wondering why my camera wasn't working, then seeing that it was turned off.
* Hitting myself in the jaw with a pile of books.
* Photoshop being unreaso…

Sunday Best in "New to Me" / Back on Schedule?

Those of you who follow me may have noticed a sad lack in my posting last week. Alas, I wrote only one post instead of two! How could I have fallen down on the job? Well, okay, it's not the worst thing in the world. ;) All the same, it is a situation that I hope to remedy.
   To start this week off on the right foot, I am sharing with you an outfit that I wore last Sunday. It was put together around the skirt, which is a recent second-hand find. The color, length and cut of this skirt is superb! On first seeing it, I felt doubtful of its worth. After trying it on, I knew it was for me. 

   The top I chose to wear is a favorite button up of mine. Its floral print includes blossoms in a similar shade of blue as the skirt. The color of the infinity scarf I wore was also a near match. For warmth, I added oatmeal tights that corresponded well with my blouse. To keep off the rain, I threw on my faithful beige blazer and shod myself in brown boots. It was an ideal outfit to wear to ch…

Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1950's Part 2

Hello dolls! Are you ready to see more retro fashions? Well, I certainly have some to show you today, so put on your glad rags and let's go back in time!


  There are really many options when it comes to dressing in 50's inspired fashion. You can wear a dress, a skirt, or even pants. You can put on a sheath dress or a full-skirted frock. You can sport just about any shoe, and have a variety of hairdos to choose from. When coming up with attire for my 50's posts, there were many ideas swirling around! Below is the second set of outfits that I put together which show different styles of the era (if you didn't see the first two outfits, view here).

   When I came to this part of the series, I knew that this coat must somehow be incorporated. Ever since coming into my possession, it has reminded me of the 50's. For this outfit, I wore it over a boat-neck sweater and pencil skirt that had the flavor of the era. To finish of the outfit, I simply had to add my …

Sunday Best in Black and Green

Recently, I had the pleasure of buying a few new duds at a local consignment store. One of the items I bought was this lovely green blouse which I first wore this past Sunday. At Mom's suggestion, I paired it with my black pencil skirt (a good rule of thumb is to wear looser tops with straighter skirts and more fitted tops with flowing skirts). Then, I added my black oxfords and pearl necklace. I also tried a new style in my hair - it was probably the highest bun I've ever worn! A purple flower pin in my 'do finished my outfit and had me ready for church and a birthday party afterwards.  

   I don't know about you gals, but I've had quite the week! Yes, I say every week is a busy week, but it holds true every time! In addition to the usual events, the past few days have been filled with fun highlights that occur none to often. On Wednesday I ordered my long-awaited DSLR camera (prepare for better blog photos), and yesterday I enjoyed a sunshiny ride on my friend…

Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1950's Part One

"Part one?!" you ask. Yes, we have come to one of my favorite decades of 20th century fashion, and my inspiration abounds. Why not throw in a two-parter to keep the series going as long as possible? ;) Without further ado I give you part one of our journey into the 1950's.


   The 1950's is a decade that we in the U.S. often look on as being the "good old days" of American existence. Our economy was good, the World War was a memory, families flourished in comfortable homes, and children played safely in their neighborhoods. However, beneath all the apparent ease were hard times and social revolutions. Racial segregation, the "forgotten war" in Korea, and the rise of subcultures were also part of the era.    The different aspects of life had an affect on what people wore. The typical woman of the 1950's wore garments with tiny waists and long, full skirts. She might also dress in closer fitting pencil skirts and sheath dresses. Ther…

Saturday in Purple

The aroma of freshly cut grass filled the mild air as residents of the neighborhood took opportunity to groom their lawns. Only a few wispy clouds were held in the azure sky above. Two ladies and a cheerful little dog stepped briskly down the sidewalk. Today was Saturday, and an ideal day to be outdoors.