All About Glasses Part II

   It's time for part II of All About Glasses! Are you ready? Today I'll be sharing tips for finding the right frames and doing your makeup in order to look your best in specs. :)
The Right Frames

   Since glasses are practically a part of your face, it's important to find the right pair to suit your face and personal style. That's not always easy to do, especially if you have a limited selection of frames to choose from, depending on where you get your glasses and what your budget is. Here are my concise hints for finding the right pair for you!

1. Be mindful of your size, features, and coloring.

If you are a petite gal with a small face, don't let your frames overpower you! On the flip-side, if you are taller and bigger-boned, don't go for a frame that is too narrow or delicate for your face. When you try on frames that would be perfect if only a little larger or smaller, ask if you can order a different size. Also, this may sound silly, but keep an eye on what best complements your nose!

2. Ask yourself if a pair is really your style.

Sure, the color or style of frames you pick up might appeal to you at the moment, but would you really be okay with wearing them every day?

3. Bonus Hint - Research what looks best with your face shape! 

   One thing you might find helpful is finding your face shape and what style of frames generally look the best with it. Have I ever done this? *blush*  ;) However, you might find it to be a game-changer if you are looking for new frames! HERE is The Beauty Department's flow chart for finding your face shape to get you started. After that, take a look HERE and HERE to see what frames may suit you best.

   Above you see my most recent two frames. The plastic frames on top are cute, but proved a little wide for my face and tended to slip down my nose. My current pair fits my face better and has a more mature look. Nose pads keep them in place on the bridge of my nose. They also happen to match my coloring well and display a color I often wear!

Makeup For Four-Eyes

   Happily, there are many websites with makeup advice for girls with glasses! I did some research to find the tips that were common to the sites. Some sources contradicted each other on certain points, but a few tips consistently appeared. I've included those here with my own explanations as to why they work, plus a hint that I discovered on my own!
  Of course, when it comes down to it makeup is a matter of personal preference. You may prefer not to wear makeup at all. If you do wear makeup, however, I would encourage you to give these ideas a try and see what you think.

1. Define your brows.

Having defined brows keep your frames from overpowering your face. I have naturally strong brows and just need to fill the inner corners (they suffered from over-plucking when I was 15...) to make them look their best. 

2. Wear eyeliner and mascara.

When you wear liner and mascara your eyes will pop, and not get lost behind your frames. Just be careful not to put your glasses on right after mascara or your lashes will get the lenses dirty! It may help to curl your eyelashes. 

3. Use concealer under your eyes.

Using concealer covers up under-eye shadows and veins. Ideally, you should even out your whole skin tone.

4. Try bolder lip-color

As long as your eyes are semi-covered, you may as well play up your lips now and then! In my online research as well as personal experience, I discovered that I like the look of strong lip color with glasses. Even though you are wearing glasses, do remember not to overdo your eye makeup when you do a strong lip.

5. Make sure your frames and eye-shadow don't clash.

If you have colored frames, be aware of what shades of shadow to avoid. When I switched from dark brown and blue glasses to purple and lavender glasses my coppery shadow did not look nearly as good as it had before!

6. Take a look in the mirror with your glasses on before you head out.

This is something I need to heed more often. Put your glasses on when you've finished your makeup,  and see how it looks with your second pair of eyes. Touch up any trouble spots before going on with your day! 

I hope you enjoyed the second installment of All About Glasses! Comment below if you have any hints, tricks, or cautions regarding finding frames or doing makeup. Happy spectacle styling! :)

The hearing ear and the seeing eye,
The Lord has made them both.
Proverbs 20:12


  1. You did such a lovely post series on wearing glasses, Paige!
    I've learnt quite a few new things about wearing glasses! And you really look lovely with yours!
    I hope you're having a special weekend, dear friend!
    Your pretty blog is a wonderful place to stop visits are always enjoyable:)
    Blessings and much love!

    1. Thanks my friend! :)
      Have a lovely weekend yourself!
      So glad you enjoy stopping by here. ^_^

  2. Yess I've been excited for this post. ;)

    My biggest problem when I wear glasses is how to see my face to do my makeup. I am so blind that no matter how close I get to the mirror I can't see myself, and doing makeup with glasses on isn't easy. Usually I put in contacts, then switch to glasses once I'm done doing my makeup... Which defeats the purpose kind of.

    Girls who wear glasses deserve major kudos!!!

    1. Yay! :)
      Ah, that sounds like a good plan for putting on makeup! My vision is very bad too. Thankfully, my bathroom has a medicine cabinet/mirror close to the window in an easy-to-reach place where I can get really close. When I'm not at home it can be challenging to get close enough to see!

  3. Very interesting series Paige! :-) You've been tagged!

    1. Thanks Evie! :) I have a tag that I'm doing tomorrow, so I'll try to do this one soon!

  4. Very interesting to know for if I ever get any other glasses! Thanks!

  5. As a fellow four-eyes (well, kind of! I always wear contacts), I am absolutely loving this series of yours! The reason I tend to turn down wearing my glasses is because I always feel they look a bit awkward. Here's hoping I figure how to improve upon them because contacts are quite annoying :P Thanks for all the inspiration, Paige!

    1. Thanks Laura! Haha, hopefully you can find some good glasses to wear at least part-time. :)

  6. Totally used these tips as I picked out my new glasses! Now I am wearing glasses that suit me. Thanks again for this series #thumbsup

    1. Aw, that's so cool Lauren! :D Glad that my series was helpful. :)


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