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  Greetings friends! As you might have guessed by the title, this post has to do with me going out of town. ;) My parents and I took a two-night trip to a little town by a lake in the forested mountains. We have been visiting this little town for the past several years and enjoy its fresh air, peaceful setting, and surrounding area full of hiking trails. Take a look at some of the scenery, as well as what I wore on our little vacation.

  On Wednesday I wore my navy blue skirt, retro styled t-shirt, i-cord necklace, and yellow sandals. In the above photo you see me by the creek behind the property of the house we were "borrowing" from our friends (thanks for letting us stay!). I may look pristine here, but alas, it wasn't meant to stay that way.

Vista from the road to the trail head.

The lake to which we hiked.
  In the late afternoon/evening we went on a short hike to a pretty little lake filled with lily-pads. Though short, the trail was on rocky terrain. On the way back I slipped and landed on my tailbone and right elbow. Though camera and lenses remained unharmed, my elbow suffered from the fall. To make a long story short, it's magnificently bruised, with some scrapes and a small gash on the tip of the joint. Hence, you will see me in band-aids for a little while. ;)

Oh look, I match the porch.

  Thursday was a laid back day in which I wore an equally laid-back outfit of Bermuda shorts, a graphic tee and a couple of accessories to make it cute. While Dad went on a hike, Mom and I enjoyed  time relaxing by the creek and visiting the general store. Later on we went for a walk through the neighborhood. When it was time for dinner, the three of us visited one of our favorite pizza places - we even got some take-out ice cream pie.

Birds at a feeder at one of our stops on our return trip

The injured elbow.  An area outside the bandage is also scraped, but it's hard to tell.
Posing by our dirty car when we got back home
   Friday was our traveling home day. We left town around one o'clock and an hour later stopped in a town for lunch and a shopping trip at the hotel emporium. It was nearly six o'clock when we arrived home, and there was some time for a few outfit photos before our dog-watching friends dropped Copper off. As you can see, my hot weather attire is simple, with another t-shirt and pair of Bermuda shorts - I do wear shorts, but prefer to wear longer ones for modesty.

No really...our car is dirty!
 There you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed this look at what a fashion blogger looks like when she travels as well as some views of beautiful California. Have a beautiful weekend. :)

Now here's a question for you that has baffled me: How do you hot-weather gals find *cute* clothes that can be modest without layering them (i.e. skirts that don't need slips and tops that don't need camisoles)?

This is the day the Lord has made;

We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! I hope your elbow heals soon though. Your vacation outfits are really cute!

    1. Thank you Ashley! :D My elbow is slowly healing.

  2. I love that outfit with the denim skirt and retro tee! So sorry to hear about your fall--ouch!! That does not sound fun. I really like the photo with the pink flower. Glad you had a good vacation...and that ice cream pie--I wish you could send me some!

    I absolutely hate wearing that means I'm usually wearing denim skirts that are thick enough fabric not to need them. I haven't figured out the tops without camisoles part yet. :)

    Good Bible verse!

    1. Thanks for your sweet words Bethany!
      Yes, they can be an annoyance. :P Thankfully the skirt that I was wearing above is dark and made out of sturdy material.

  3. Great pictures and outfits Paige!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed your mini vacation, and I hope your elbow gets better soon! :)

    ❤ Blaze Ann

    1. Thanks Blaze Ann! :D It is getting a little bit better every day, I think. :)

  4. Ooh very pretty!! :-D California is indeed a lovely state! I do hope I can get there one day!

    1. Thanks! :D Yes, that would be fun!

    2. :D Yes it would be!! Dad's thinking about it!?!

    3. Ooh! :) Keep me posted. ;)

  5. Cute outfits Paige! Sorry about the elbow though. Looks painful!

    To be honest with you, I have yet to find an answer to your question. Where I live it rains nearly every morning and then afternoons hit at least the 90's. This makes the air incredibly humid. I've searched for years for shirts that don't require cami's but never found more than one or two. So in the end I just sweat! Very occasionally I have managed to just find a button down shirt that I can pin in between buttons (so that it doesn't gap) to make modest.

    1. Thanks! :D It was very painful when I first hurt it but is some better. :)
      Oh dear! Well hopefully I you and both find some secrets to modest summer clothes. You have an interesting climate! I live in a temperate climate doesn't get very hot in the summer, but usually travel to places that do.

  6. Sounds like fun, but not falling and hurting your elbow!!! :) I hope its feels better soon! I like all the pictures of the flowers. Relaxing by a creek sounds nice too!
    To answer your question I usually wear slips and undershirts. I only have a couple skirts that I can wear no slip. But I feel more comfortable and motest when I wear an undershirt under my shirt. :) And a slip under my skirts. :) I usually wear cullotes when its really warm or shorter skirts or dresses. (short in my definition is somewhere below the knee) which still keeps me cool!

    1. Yes, it was fun, though the elbow part was not. :( At least I have a cool-looking wound. ;) Thanks for you kind words!
      It sounds like you have a good plan there! :) I like slips most of the time too, but in certain areas it's just too hot - ugh! Wearing lighter fabric undershirts/slips definitely helps though.

    2. :)
      A couple posts ago when I was telling you I don't wear trousers, I hope I wasn't trying to be suggestive that you didn't wear them or that I was mocking your parents athority. If I sounded like that I'm sorry and I wasn't trying to sound that way at all! So I apologize if I sounded that way.

    3. Don't worry about it. :) I'm glad that you felt comfortable enough to share your own convictions.

  7. Looks like you had fun! Aside from the minor injuries ;)
    Haha oh gosh finding shirts that work without camisoles is a struggle! Shirts are so thin nowadays! However I wear a cami under everything so I guess I'm kind of used to it :)

    1. Hehe, yes! :)
      Exactly! They are all too often see-through. Thankfully, I have plenty of camis. ;)

  8. What a fun vacation, Paige! Oh...summertime travels are so delightful, aren't they...? I especially enjoyed your nature photographs...what amazing scenery!

    And your outfits are so simple and sweet:). I also prefer wearing longer shorts!
    I too struggle with the heat of summer and dressing in South Africa it is hot for many months out of each year, and this summer we had temps that reached 40 degrees C! This was quite difficult, and yes! What does one wear when it is so terribly warm?

    I love wearing tops that have 3/4 sleeves which are open and frilly - I make these myself, and they're lovely and cool, especially if I make them from light, thin fabric...

    Hope your cuts and bruises are healing nicely! Well done on protecting your camera, though - I would have done the same:)

    Hope you are enjoying a lovely week thus far, Paige! Sending hugs your way!



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