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   Evening, folks! :) What have you been up to this November? I've been busy with my usual pursuits, as well as practicing my dulcimer. Learning an instrument has been a fun experience so far, and I look forward to the day when I am confident enough to play in church (or video myself).

This face is devoted to spiderwebs on my arm.
   Today's outfit is a combination of  classic and boho, combining some elements that are in style this year. On top, I layered a short-sleeved hooded sweater over a mauve peasant blouse. I wore these with a dark denim skirt and purple tights. When out and about, I wore my quilted riding-style boots.

   November has definitely hit my corner of globe, and today was actually cold. This afternoon, I pulled out my long black coat to wear over my outfit, only to discover that the sleeves have mildewed (it's rather damp around here). Thus, I just wore my cozy brown coat, which I took off for the fashion photos. After the  forest photo shoot my hands were pretty chilly!

Outfit Details: Blouse ~ Thrift or Consignment Store; Sweater ~ Thrift or Consignment Store; Skirt ~ Consignment Store; Tights ~ Target; Boots ~ Sears

  Has the weather changed quite a bit for you this month?
Do you have any trusty outerwear for the cooler seasons?

I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
My soul shall be joyful in my God;
For He has clothed me with the garments of salvation,
He has covered me with the robe of righteousness,
As a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments,
And as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.
Isaiah 61:10


  1. haha nice face ;) and outfit/post of course! :D

  2. Oh, you look so cosy, dear friend! And what stunning pictures...very ''Autumny''.
    Blessings and much love to you!

  3. I love the woodsy background! Makes me miss my own woods now that I have moved to town! Your brown sweater is super cute...and so is your face in that last picture of you! ;)

    1. Isn't it pretty? These woods are smack dab in the middle of our town, so they make a handy photo shoot spot now and again. :)
      Thanks! Yes, I can make some really...interesting...faces.

  4. I hope you master the dulcimer and I admire your perseverance. Is there a particular song you have been practising? As I live in Australia, it is currently summer. Summer is my favourite season. Fortunately, it hasn't been too hot but it will become hotter over the coming weeks. In cooler seasons, I rely on jackets for going out and at home I wear jumpers.

    1. Thank you Carlyn! :) I've been working on the melodies of Ode to Joy and Morning Has Broken, as well as learning from YouTube videos (I'll be ordering some instruction soon.)
      Oh, well then enjoy your summer! :D Yes, that sounds like a good plan - and it's fun to hear someone say jumpers. ;)

  5. Ah, I love those black riding boots (ha! by now you must well know my leather boots...). You chose an awesome backdrop for your photos. The trees and fence are perfect. Sorry to hear about the mildew on your coat. Ahh, and that expression with spider webs on your arms is priceless. Oh the things you go through to bring beautiful blog posts to us! Thank you.

    November usually isn't a nice month here in Iowa, but the earliest part of it had some unbelievable fantastic weather. I went out in shirtsleeves on Nov. 2nd, and that is remarkable since sometimes it snows here in October. Most other days have been jacket weather, but we had rain a couple days back, and it has made a change with cold weather here now.

    I have plenty of trusty outwear considering the severity of winters here in the northland. I have one black coat lined with faux leopard skin that I've been wearing for the past 9 years. It's still nice and warm! About one half-side of my closet is mostly devoted to jackets, and my largest drawer is filled with sweaters. I don't like to be cold!

    Thanks for an awesome post! I enjoyed your photos and commentary.

  6. Thank you! Oh, yes, boots are just about the best thing a girl could have, clothing-wise. And I'm glad someone appreciates my sacrifices....;)
    Oh my, it sounds like you get an early winter in Iowa! I guess it's a good thing it's not too very cold yet this year. Our winters are balmy compared to yours. :)
    Haha, that is a lot of coats! It's so nice to have plenty of outerwear and sweaters during the winter though.
    Thanks for the lovely long comment!

  7. I have definitely put all my cool weather clothes into my dresser now that it's November! I really like this outfit! In fact I might copy some elements from it! I have a short sleeve sweater, closer to 3/4 length I guess, and a dark denim skirt that I may have to pair together soon!
    Your face courtesy of the spider webs is priceless! You are much braver than I would be. I'm afraid I would have been a blur in the picture running away from the fence in a similar situation.

    1. I'm happy to have inspired you! :D
      Haha, thanks! ;) Oh dear, I take it you don't like spiders? Neither do I...:-S Happily, I braved the far as I know no actual spiders were jumping on me.

  8. A lovely November outfit - and many items thrifted like mine!

    We have just had our first winter storm here in the UK with high winds so I will be soon getting my warmer clothes out

    1. Thank you Rebecca! :) Yes, I buy most of my clothes at thrift or consignment stores!
      Ooh, how cozy.


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