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    Hello all! I hope you've been having a good weekend thus far. Many of us in the States are enjoying a three-day weekend, getting ready to celebrate our nation's birthday. Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans! :)

   Today's outfit is an ensemble with retro flair that includes the t-shirt featured in my last post! Here, I paired the tee with my black "velvet" skirt. This skirt is definitely a favorite of mine - it has such an elegant, retro cut! A little gray cardi went over shirt, adding a wee bit of warmth and giving the top a different look. Black heels completed the look, and kept it classy and "Sunday Best" style.

Outfit Details: T-shirt ~ Rue21; Cardigan ~ Thrift Store; Skirt ~ Kohl's; Shoes ~ Target

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   Now for a quick life update! I am still enjoying working in the car dealership office, and am on my way to being officially hired! Last Friday, I played "Amazing Grace" on my dulcimer for our time of singing during Bible study, and will probably be playing more in the future (pray that I don't blank out on the last verse next time ;)). On the weekends, my parents and I having been getting out to soak up the sun and enjoy fresh air somewhere. Now, I would like to ask you...

Is there anything new in your life?

How can a young man cleanse his way?
By taking heed according to Your word.
With my whole heart I have sought You;
Oh, let me not wander from Your commandments!

Psalm 119:1-10



  1. Super classy outfit, Paige! :)

    What's new in my life lately is the birth of my sweet niece :D I finally got to meet her this weekend and I loved every minute I spent with her. :)

  2. You look very feminine. A nice combination of color flowing together perfectly. We have been moving our son and daughter-inlaw Jessica into their brand new home. We had a celebratory dinner all 5 of us as a family today on the 4th of July. Hope you officially get employed. Enjoy your Holiday. Stephanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie! :) That sounds lovely! Thanks, I hope you have a good week!

  3. I love this outfit - so feminine and the style is just like I aim to wear

    1. Thanks! :) Oh yes, I like the classy style!

  4. I haven't commented in forever, which makes me a bad friend :'( I have at least skimmed most of your blog posts lately! Just wanted to check in and say I'm still enjoying your blog but haven't given any feedback in the last month or so (and that this is a cute outfit and your hair looks so pretty!)

    1. Aw, no worries. I'm glad you keep up. :)
      Thanks so much! :D <3


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