Special Occasions!!!

 (Birthday party décor)

   As I suspected, I only posted once last week. Time will tell if I can remedy that this week. Happily, my busy days have resulted in fun outfits to share with you!
  My personal style is not easy to define at this point. I have classic, retro, creative, and sometimes bohemian elements to what I wear. When dressing up for special occasions, my clothing choices are as varied as they are in day-to-day life. All the same, everything I wear has a "Paige" flavor to it. Following are a few outfits that I have worn recently that show my assorted expressions in the world of fashion. I may even present you with some inspiration in the process. :)

   Last week, I attended a Christmas party for the local pregnancy care center that Mom and I volunteer at. My outfit was definitely feminine, ruffles and lace and draping folds. My new boots made a sensible anchor for the frilly garments, and tied in to the warm color palette. This is about as boho as I get. :)
   Above is what that I wore for my birthday tea party. I was blessed to have my mum make me a new skirt out of lovely aqua fabric, which I wore with my teal cashmere turtleneck. My black Mary Jane heels and silver necklace were in keeping with the cool colors. This outfit is ladylike, with a subtle vintage feel.

   Our church choir performed a Christmas cantata this Sunday, and we agreed to wear seasonally appropriate colors. I borrowed my mom's black cardigan to wear with this adorable polka dotted mint skirt and black heels. The embroidered detailing on the skirt's hemline is delightfully feminine and delicate. Some sweet friends gave me an intricate silver and green necklace that went well with my clothes. With my hair in a bun to complete the look, I felt like a 1950's lady in this outfit!
   Lastly, I want to show you what I wore and did for my actual birthday! The outfit definitely shows my personality - a girl has to wear clothes that make her happy on her special day. :) The day was spent in fun and casual pursuits, including visiting the book store pictured above. I am thankful to have brown boots now, which went far better with my yellow skirt than my black ones ever could! In the evening, my best friend and I went with my parents to look at Christmas lights - we also ate a good deal of popcorn!
   My parents gifted me with this necklace that my mom made (I've admired cameos for a while now!) that I hope to show you soon with an outfit. They also gave me this Pacifica spray-on perfume! For a few years, I've been using Pacifica's solid scents. They smell lovely, but don't have the staying power of the spray perfume. :)
   In closing, I want to give you my fashion advice for you this season in a nutshell. 1) Don't be afraid to try something that you are unsure of. Just be sure ask someone (preferably a fellow female ;) ) if you look presentable before heading out the door. 2) Try using subtle retro elements in an outfit. 3) Remember to be mindful of the temperature of where you will be spending your time. The weather outside may be frightful, but if you dress too warmly, the fire will not be so delightful! 4) Enjoy yourself and don't fuss too much over your clothes! Family and friends will love you anyway. ;)
"I have set the Lord always before me: because he is my right hand, I shall not be moved. Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoiceth: my flesh also
shall rest in hope." ~Psalm 16:8-9


  1. I love your green/black outfit Paige! So elegant! And the heels you wore in those two outfits are so 'vintagey' ! Great post! ~Rebekah

    1. Thank you Rebekah! :D The green and black outfit reminded me of something you or Cassie might wear.

  2. cute stuff! well done! there I am, eating popcorn. must eat. yes. eating....

    1. Thanks! :) Yes. Eating. Is. Good.


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