Thanksgiving Outfit / Refashioned Sweater

   Greetings! It would appear that I am posting later than I meant to. Life has been rather busy lately, with times in in the midst of the hectic schedule where I've just been vegetating on the recliner watching movies. Sometimes one just needs to rest. :)
  Another reason for my delay is that I forgot to have anyone take pictures of my clothes on Thanksgiving. Oops! Hence, the photos you see here are from today rather than Thursday. Thanksgiving was a beautiful, sunny day, while today is a lovely rainy day.

  I wore the dress that was introduced here, a t-shirt and leggings for modesty and warmth, my boots, and a sweater that my mom had just refashioned for me a few days before. The color of the sweater really picked up on the red orange in the dress. One of the fun things about patterned clothing is that you can change the way it looks by wearing it with different contrasting or complementary colors.

  Above are before and after pictures of the sweater Mom upcycled. She says: "I first cut an unwanted pullover sweater down the middle front. It was a bit too big for Paige so I reshaped it under the arm area and cut off the extra fabric, then clipped the curves. Next, I used a close-together zig-zag stitch in a contrasting brown color. While stretching the sweater I zig-zagged all around the edges (including the sleeves which I shortened a bit). By stretching the fabric while sewing, a lovely ruffle effect is formed. Afterward, I created some fabric flowers and leaves and stitched them in place by hand. Finally, I  found a beautiful metal closure which I also stitched in place by hand."
  Because sewing is not my forte, I haven't refashioned any clothing myself. Having a mother who enjoys sewing is nice. ;) If you or someone you know enjoys experimenting with the sewing machine, upcycling clothing just might become a new hobby (if it isn't already)! Recreating garments is just another way to save money and look cute at the same time!
  Guess what? This is my 20th post! Compared to blogs that have been up for years, that doesn't sound like much, but this is still a small milestone for me. :) I hope to have much more fun and informative blogging to do!

"She makes linen garments and sells them, And supplies sashes for the merchants. Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, And on her tongue is the law of kindness."
~Proverbs 31: 24-26


  1. so cute!! I love the sweater :) it goes so well with the dress!

    1. Thanks! I know, I was really pleased with how they tie together.

  2. So very cute Paige! (It is great to know your name :))

    I have been wanting to refashion a cardi just as your mother has done here! It turned out lovely! The idea of stretching the material to create a ruffle is fantastic!

    I love prints for the exact reason you have described!

    Congrats on your 20th. post! :) We are coming up on our 50th. :) Knowing how much 'work' is put into it, really makes you grateful for the 'antique' blogs! :)

    Wonderful post!


    1. Thanks Cassie! I'm glad you got inspiration.
      Wow, congrats on coming up on your 50th post! These milestones do make us realize how much effort the more seasoned bloggers have put in!

  3. I love the outfit, the sweater really ties everything together and the color scheme is lovely!

    Congrats on your 20th post, just think, someday you'll be in the 100's!

    1. Thanks Kalin! :) I appreciated the encouragement too. ;)


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