Fashion Defined: A Matter of Shoes Part 2

   Okay, folks! Are you ready to learn more about shoes? Today we're launching into a lesson about the more comfortable side of the footwear spectrum - athletic and casual shoes!
   To begin with, I would like to clear up a mystery that had me confused for a while: What is the difference between sneakers and tennis shoes? Most sources agree that "sneakers" and "tennis shoes" are used as interchangeable terms for rubber soled athletic shoes. One source I read argued that there was a difference, but it's generally right to use both terms for the same thing. If you live outside the U.S. you might call them something completely different!


Source                                                                                                                    Source

  There are many sports specific shoes available. Some you might use for casual wear are running shoes and skate shoes, as well as sneakers originally meant for basketball...



                                                        Source                                                              Source
  We might not think of certain iconic canvas sneakers as being athletic shoes, however, the variety of Converse known as Chuck Taylor All Stars were originally used for basketball. They were made popular by none other than a basketball player turned shoe salesman named Chuck Taylor. Now, they are common in casual wear for both genders. Keds (the first sneakers) and Vans are other examples of popular shoes with canvas uppers.

  Another kind of casual footwear that we see is the boat shoe. The most well known type of this style is the Sperry Top-Sider. They have a moccasin-like construction with a sole specifically designed for having traction while aboard a boat.

 Source                                                                                 Source

  Espadrilles are a kind of shoe originating in Spain that have been around for quite some time. They are comprised of a canvas or cotton upper and a rope sole. TOMS is a brand of popular rubber-soled shoes inspired by espadrilles.

  Pictured above are a pair of shoes I own that I researched so that I could figure out what to call them. The best thing to call them would simply be "canvas slip-ons". Due to the similarity, one could almost call them TOMS knock-offs. In any case, canvas slip on shoes are currently in vogue.
Source                                                                                        Source

   Boots can be classified as footwear that covers the whole foot and the ankle. The part of the boot that covers the ankle and leg is called the shaft.  Some styles of boot, such as riding boots, have a shaft covering up to the entire lower leg. Some styles may even extend over the knee!

 Ballet flats are a simple style of shoe inspired by the those worn by ballerinas. They have either a very low heel or none at all, and expose most of the foot.

There you have it - my nearly exhaustive list of casual shoes is complete! 
Which of these kinds of shoes do you like the best?
Do you have any questions or topics for this series? 

"For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps:"
~1 Peter 2:21


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