One Year Blogoversary Giveaway!

 Woohoo! Sunday Best and All the Rest has existed for an entire year today! How quickly the time has flown. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all my readers. After all, without you there would be no point in writing this blog. ;) Also, thank you to my mom for being such a willing photographer and to those who encouraged me to start blogging and helped me to get off on the right foot. Most of all, thanks be to the Lord who has given me the privilege of having this blog as an instrument of encouragement to others. Now, before this sounds too much like an award acceptance speech, let's get on to the....

   This pretty little handmade purse is a piece of my mom's handiwork. It has a cute pink and ivory knitted construction, with a floral print fabric lining and handle. A sweet knit flower adds an extra fun touch. It's just the right size for your purse essentials (wallet, phone, keys, lip balm) without being either too bulky or too cramped. I look forward to sending it to one of you! :D This purse will be the perfect complement for one of your fabulous feminine outfits.
  How do you enter to win this purse? Comment on this post with two comments. The first comment will include the answer to the question that I ask below. The second comment will be your email address (if you comment anonymously be sure to include your name or pseudonym with both comments so that I won't be confused about whose email address is whose). I will be moderating comments for this post and will not publicly share your email address; Your privacy is important to me. After taking these steps, your name will be entered into a drawing. The winner will be announced in a post a week from today. If you win, I will email you and get your address. The only other rule I have is that I will only be shipping within the United States.

  Got it? If not, feel free to ask me to clarify. :) Here's the question you need to answer to enter the giveaway:

What is your favorite memory (or one of several favorites) made this summer?

~ Comment away! ~
Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
    For His mercy endures forever.
~Psalm 136:1

P.S. Check out my first ever post here: Introduction and Classic 60's.


  1. Huzzah Paige! I guess I didn't realize that our blogoversaries were so close to each other! Thank you so much for being so regular in posting AND for bringing such uplifting posts to us girls!

    I would have to say that my most enjoyable memory made this summer was my first mission trip over seas! It was such a fabulous, fabulous blessing!

    Calico Sisters

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Cassie! :) <3 Yes, I suppose we decided to start blogging close to the same time! I've enjoyed getting to know you and Rebekah.
      Well that is an awesome memory for sure! :D

  2. Congratulations on your Blogoversary! How exciting! I think my favorite memory is definitely the trip I made to Mexico with my family...we had SUCH a great time!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I always enjoy your kinds comments. <3
      Ooh, I bet that's an outstanding memory! :D

  3. I think my favorite memory of this summer has been when my older sibling's college friend came to visit. We got to go to all sorts of really cool places with her, and she quickly became a great friend. :)

    1. Aw, that sounds like an awesome memory! :)

  4. Happy blogoversary! :D Wisihing you many more to come!

    My favorite memory from this summer was visiting three elementary schools while dressed as a medieval princess to tell the students about the library summer reading program. It was so much fun to see their faces light up!

    1. Thank you Jill! :D
      That is a good memory for sure; medieval princesses and libraries are both close to my heart. ;)


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