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  Happy Saturday, all! In lieu of the next installment of Fashion Defined I will be posting The Janeite tag today. Thank you for tagging me Evie! See Evie's blog here: A Period Drama Fangirl.

The Rules:
~Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
~Tell how you were introduced to Jane Austen and share one fun fact about your Janeite life (this fun fact can be anywhere from "I stayed up all night reading Emma," to "I visited Chawton and met Anna Chancellor.").
~Answer the tagger's questions.
~Write seven questions of your own.
~Tag as few as one or as many as seven other Janeites and let them know you've tagged them.

   My first introduction to Jane Austen was probably watching the P&P episode of "Wishbone" (did anyone else watch that show?). Besides that,  I starting watching Jane Austen movies with my mom (or at least, she watched them while I was around ;) ) at an early age. Eventually, I actually became interested in their plots and characters! At age thirteen I read Sense and Sensibility and have now read all of her novels excepting Lady Susan, and seen film adaptations of all her major works.

Fun fact: I have seen the 1995 movie version of Sense and Sensibility more times than I can count, and have its dialogue memorized more so than any other film I've seen.

Evie's Questions:

1) What is your favourite Jane Austen minor couple? Jane and Mr. Bingley. 
2) Would you rather spend a weekend with Mr Wickham or Mr Willoughby ? I don't like either of them, but I would have to say Mr. Wickham. We could get into a battle of wit. :P
 3) You've been invited to a ball, what is your first reaction? Who else is going? Are any of my friends attending? And of course...what will I wear?
4) If you could choose a Jane Austen home to live in what would you choose? Netherfield? Pemberly? Between the two, I would choose Pemberly. I actually think that the Dashwood ladies' cottage would be a lovely place in which to reside, but it would be a bit to lonely.
 5) Darcy or Bingley? As a character, Darcy is my favorite. If they were real people in my life, I would like Bingley better.
 6) Brandon or Ferras? Brandon.
 7) Knightley or Captain Wentworth? Knightley. He is my favorite Austen hero because of his wisdom, kindness, and patience with Emma. 

My Questions:

1) What is your favorite Austen book?
2) What is your favorite movie adaptation of an Austen book?
3) What is your *least* favorite movie adaptation? 
4) Which character in any of the novels do you relate to most?
5) If you could choose a Jane Austen home to live in, where would you live?
6) Who is your favorite Austen hero?
7) If you were to write a sequel to any of Jane's novels, what would it be about?

My Janeite Nominees: 
Bethany and Becca of Clever Bunnies
McKenna of Cherishing my Role
Cryslyn of Cryslyn's Blog
Ashley of Like No Other

If you like Jane Austen and I didn't tag you, feel free to use the tag and answer my questions! :)

"My soul, wait silently for God alone,
For my expectation is from Him."
~Psalm 62:5


  1. Thanks for tagging us, looks like fun!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Great answers!! :D You like Brandon too! *hugs* isn't he just wonderful!!! XD...
    I could send you my short story if you would like?
    Thanks ever so much for doing the tag :)

    1. Haha! Col Brandon is great. I have come to appreciate him more as a heroic character as I get older! :)
      Yes, I would like to read your short story!

    2. Brandon is the best! And I won't accept any actor other than Alan Rickman :D He's dreamy LOL

    3. Hee hee! He's the only Brandon I see in my head because I haven't seen the newest version, and I haven't seen the BBC 80's version in a looooong time!

  3. Awesome! That is so fun! I love Jane Austin, and Pride and Prejudice is my favorite. Ever. What a fun read, Paige! :D

    1. Ooh, glad you enjoyed it. Consider yourself tagged. I would have added you if I knew you liked Austen! :D

  4. I don't have a blog, but can I just answer the questions for fun?

    1. Pride and Prejudice.
    2. P&P and Sense and Sensibility have a close tie.
    3. I couldn't say for sure because I haven't seen them all.
    4. Elinor Dashwood.
    5. Netherfield, hands down. Pemberly always seemed to stuffy for me.
    6. Elizabeth Bennet
    7. I've never tried a real romance, but I would probably write a sequel to Sense and Sensibility.


    1. Thanks for doing this! Great answers.

  5. Thanks for letting me know that you have nominated me, Paige! I'll totally get that post up! :)

    1. You're welcome! I look forward to it. :)

  6. I use to watch Wishbone too and it was my first introduction to many classic books. I've decided to do the Janeite tag as well, http://jonbearandcarlyngirl.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/janeite-tag.html .

    1. Yes, same here! :D Yay, I will go check it out.


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