Sunday Stripes & School Sentiments

   Good afternoon all! How was your weekend? Mine was good, and quite sunny. Even though yesterday was Labor Day I went to work. I've only been working one afternoon a week lately so it would have been sort of silly to take the day off. ;) 

   Well, here we have the first boot post of the season! Sunday morning was just cool enough to try out my new t-shirt dress (yes, another new thing) with my trusty brown boots. The new dress features two shades of blue stripes, which tied in with the navy blue cardigan I wore. A braided brown belt cinched in at the waist was a color companion for the brown of my boots. The whole look was a comfortable church outfit. 

Outfit Details: Dress ~ Target; Cardigan ~ Target; Leggings ~ Borrowed from Mom; 
Belt ~ Borrowed from Mom; Boots ~ Ross

   The smell of chimney smoke in the air this morning reminded me of my school days; it must have reminded me of  beginning the educational year in September. As most children, I didn't relish every moment of education, but my experience in home school was a good part of a healthy childhood. It was a simpler time in my life. 

  I remember doodling in the corner where I wrote the date on my paper. I remember reading my history textbook on a warm day in high school. I remember crying over elementary math. I remember beginning a new school year with a unit study on horses. I remember eating lunch with friends after our  history class. I remember driving to the home where I took chemistry with other students. I remember going to the pumpkin patch on field trips. 

   Though I may not have realized at the time. I was making memories that I would look back on with pleasure. Not everyone has fond memories of their school days. God chose for me to have a pleasant experience being schooled at home, and to have a personality that enjoyed academic pursuits above more physical ones. What about you, reader?

Do you have any fond memories of school days or earlier than current school days?
Would you rather forget school?

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:
Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. Your homeschool experience sounds lovely.
    I really enjoyed school; I went to a Christian school right through from K-12, which was a great experience. Great friends, really supportive teachers, and a fantastic learning environment. I don't miss it though. It was one season, and I'm really enjoying now being at university

    1. It was! :)
      Well, that sounds like a good school experience! It's good that you're enjoying your current season too. :)

  2. Oh, I just love the style of this sweet outfit, my friend... Your new dress is so adorable! *smiles*
    I love your thoughts on your schooling career... Like you, I too was home educated, and for me, the Lord chose to lead me along a different path in that my schooling was more 'Life School' (unschooling) than real academic pursuits... His calling is different in each of our lives, and that is why I firmly believe home education to be a wonderful blessing! Now I spend my time running my own business and managing our family vegetable garden...and oh, being the big sister in the house also involves a lot of time...hee! But I've always LOVED learning!
    Such lovely memories you shared, dear Paige! May you have a delightful day!

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      Yes, it is a blessing to be home educated. I'm sure you have enjoyed a close relationship with your mother, as I have. It sounds like you are well prepared for what you are pursuing now! :)
      May you have a lovely day as well!

  3. Dear Paige,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful experience with your home school education. I wasn't home schooled, but it sounds like the way to go!
    I love your outfit, you look so beautiful in it! Paige, you have a keen eye for fashion, and you always coordinate your outfits perfectly. I wish you all the best and God bless you,
    Becca T.

    1. It was a good experience! :) Not every homeschool child likes it, but I always did.
      Thank you muchly Becca! I appreciate your encouraging words.

  4. Yes, yes, fall come soon! Your outfit is so perfectly autumnal. Last year I had a pair of boots almost exactly the same as the ones you are wearing in these photos but I loved them so much and kind of wore them to death. I believe I found mine at TJ Maxx, one of my favorite places to purchase affordable fashionable shoes along with Ross and Payless.

    I'm only now beginning to realize the significance of my education and upbringing. I was raised in a godly family and church that loved Jesus. I grew up with a small but close group of supportive and loving friends. I got to go to school, play and learn everyday with my closest and best friends, my siblings. Maybe my high school years aren't as wild and fun in comparison to the majority. But I think it's all about where you find joy and what you define as fun, exciting and beautiful.

    Thanks for the reminder, Paige!

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. Thank you! :D Oh yes, cute boots are essential for the cooler seasons! And I like to buy shoes at Ross and Payless too. ;)
      It sounds like you really did have an education and youth to be thankful for! How cool to have that foundation.

  5. I was homeschooled too and it was a wonderful experience. By that I don't mean there weren't hard days or subjects I dreaded but rather I feel I received a thorough education and enjoyed the learning. One thing I really loved about my school experience was the chance to expand in specific areas of interest. Many public schoolers for instance, wouldn't get the chance to study Marine Biology like I did. You expressed some of the same sentiments that I have been feeling recently. Fall does makes me miss school. :)

    Your outfit looks comfortable and casual without being at all frumpy. Love it!

    1. That's great Lydia! How neat that you were able to explore in depth an area that interested you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses school in the fall. ;)
      Thank you! :D

  6. Dear Paige, Your outfit looks very comfortable and cute on you. I think the boots add a very nice fashion statement. I like to wear boots with dresses and skirts as well during the fall season. I actually work at a public school and try to make all the students I work with love school. It is a place to learn and have fun and experience new topics and find what you are really interested in and good at. To always strive to be your very best and succeed in what makes you happy is important to me. I hope you have a good week! Blessings to you, Stephanie M.

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! :) How neat - I do like my boots! <3
      How cool that you are able to make an impact in the lives of those students! Keep up the good work. :)

  7. I really like your dress/belt combo :)


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