Hats Off // Tradition!

   Hello all! It's October! Can you believe it? When we were doing this photo shoot today it was cold and windy enough to really seem like fall. If I had been out there much longer, I would have wanted a jacket. ;)

   Well ladies, I made a beret! How could I resist trying this chic Parisian look? I must say, that I am quite pleased with wearing this little hat.

   I planned the rest of the outfit around my new piece. A chambray tunic and blue jeans made a simple base, while a magenta cardigan tied in with the beret's color. Black flats were my shoe of choice, while low ponytails was my hairstyle for the day. Altogether, I had a simple and chic look.

Outfit Details: Shirt ~ Consignment Store; Cardigan ~ Gift; Jeans ~ Consignment Store;
 Hat ~ Made by me

*                                *                                *

   Tradition. The word may bring to mind thoughts of Christmas Eve and birthday cake, but for a Christian it can be a little more complicated. Traditions can be both good and bad for us. When push comes to shove, we need to make sure that the Bible is more important than our like or dislike of traditions.

   One thing I've noticed as a young adult is that young people who have gone to church and been raised in a "Christian" home are straying from the traditional Christian lifestyle. Values like "don't swear", "don't watch risque movies", and "don't go to bars" may seem old-fashioned and silly to them.

   However, many of these traditions are good things.When they are based in God's word, they are more than just traditions - they are the Lord's instructions. Sure, they might be old-fashioned, but the Ancient of Days (God) and His word are always relevant! The Bible also speaks of the aged teaching the younger (Titus 2: 4); Older Christians often have a good deal of wisdom.

   At the same time, some traditions are not helpful. Colossians 2:7 tells us to beware of being spoiled through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men. Traditions particularly in the church may have begun out of good intentions, but instead put people in chains of doubt and fear. We ought to listen to and learn from our Christian leaders, but not to let man-made ideas contrary to scripture put us in bonds.

   In conclusion, we make sure our beliefs are based on the Bible. We should not be afraid to question why certain things are done or not done in our churches and homes. We should dig into the Word and respectfully ask our elders about traditions. Meanwhile, may the Lord give us the strength to be free from any man-made bonds and to diligently obey His words.

As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.
Colossians 2:6-7


  1. Oh, I just loved what you had to say about traditions, my friend! Spot on... My dear parents have always encouraged us girls to question everything...to never take anything at face value... To go first to Scripture and see what the Word says! Thank you for sharing your heart!

    And my...I am loving your sweet beret! Well done to you, Paige! I couldn't see, is it knitted or crocheted? Beautiful!
    And your outfit is so darling and lovely for chilly Autumn days!

    Blessings and hugs to you! Have an amazing Sunday!

    1. Thank you! :) This was inspired by a discussion that I had just had with Mom the night before. It was encouraging to me.
      Thanks for your sweet words! My hat is crocheted. :)

  2. Hi Paige, I love your beret beautiful color looks so nice on you. We bought a beret in a pale green that I like to wear. You are so right about tradition. It is so true, it seems easier to fall than stand up for beliefs in our bible studies and live it for real. Thank you for bringing that forward at the perfect time.
    Blessings, Stephanie M.

    1. Thank you so much! Oh, how nice to have your own beret - I am a fan of the style now! I'm glad that you enjoyed this post. :)

  3. Lovely outfit Paige! It reminds me of something a Jane Austen heroine would wear in present times.

    1. Thanks Mary, that is a splendid thought! :)

  4. Very interesting and thought provoking post! And I'm loving the purple color!

    1. I'm glad you found my post interesting! Thanks. :)

  5. I am in love with Tunics this fall, and chambray is a great choice as it goes with a plethora of items!
    Whenever pondering traditions, I like to ask questions. "Why do I do this?" "Why do they do this?" "What part of Scripture is this from?" Questions like this help me get to the heart of matters.
    @ndr@ K.

    1. Yes, tunics can be super...as can chambray! :D
      It's great that you ask questions! My eyes have just recently been opened to the importance of not believing things just because that's the way they are (though of course, some things are in place for a reason!).

  6. Love your beret Paige! Good for you for making it yourself...unlike certain other people who start projects like that and do not finish them...this person shall of course remain nameless.

    I appreciated your thoughts on tradition verses basing our beliefs on what the Bible says! Good points! And now I have the song from Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head. ;)

    1. Thanks so much Lydia! Hee-hee. ;)
      I'm glad you enjoyed this. And hah! I was actually thinking of that song around the time of this post and thought of putting a gif into it. ;)

  7. this outfit is so cute! I love it, and the background is perfect :)

    XOXO Johanna from Germany


  8. good job having the patience to make a whole hat! :D with a design, too! it looks cute :) and a girl can never have too much chambray, eh? (says the girl who has none)

    1. Thanks so much! :D Haha! I just recently got rid of one...still have three. ;)


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