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     To be completely honest, I’ve always been a little suspicious of the idea of putting one piece of printed clothing with another. But  every now and then in the world of fashion, a girl has to try new things. One day, my mom suggested that I wear my striped tee with my floral print skirt. I tried it, and ended up enjoying the results. Yesterday I decided to wear a printed t-shirt under my beloved plaid sundress. They made a cute combination, and I wondered why I hadn’t thought to join them before!


In the first outfit, the top and skirt are both second-hand. The dog was just about brand new when I got him. ;)


Here, the t-shirt is from a thrift store, and the dress (Converse brand!) is from Target.

     Since I am new to this idea of print + print, I can’t give out any wonderful advice about it. So far, I think a good deal of making it work is using colors that look great together. The green on the striped shirt nearly matches a shade on the skirt, while the muted purple on the dress harmonizes well with the demure blue of the top. Another thing that I think helps out is that the patterns I paired are dissimilar. If you have never put prints together before, perhaps now is the time to try. :)



  1. Ooh I like these :) Hah, the dog comment...

    I've heard the best way to combine prints is to make sure there's at least one common color. I've seen some pretty wild combos. Of course, I've never been one to match ANYTHING (hello, three different flower-print-combo outfits....) so this isn't new to me....but then I don't match colors, either. I match nothing! I'm a reeeebeeeel!!


    1. Thanks! Haha, that sounds good! :D I'm just now venturing into the world of boldness (I like how we talk as if we don't know each other).

  2. Oh, and what is your favorite color? How do you feel about asparagus? Dachshunds? Captain America? Maybe we can get to know each other better ;)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Looks like you have a lovely blog going here! Keep writing for yourself, and people will come.

    I find it very hard to mix prints! I'm too rigid with the whole "it must match thing"! LOL!
    But I do agree with Moriah Joy, the best tip I've heard is to make sure if you mix prints, to keep them within the same color scheme.
    I hope you have a lovely day,
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Thank you for the compliments and tips Natasha!:)
    I'm pretty matchy-matchy myself, so we shall see if this print mixing continues...Haha! :)
    I look forward to continuing to follow your blog.

  5. Did I hear "Captain America"!? ;)
    Very cute blog, Ms. Style"! =D

    1. Heehee, you heard right. And thank you. :)
      By the way, am I barking up the wrong tree, or are you related to Moriah?


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