Vintage Magazines Part 1

  Happy weekend! I've got a special treat for my vintage-loving ladies today. I'll be sharing a glimpse into the mid 20th century through my four antique magazines. This little collection started about two years ago and includes two LIFE magazines from 1946 and 1947, a 1953 edition of HOLIDAY, and a Saturday Evening Post from 1961. They provide an interesting first-hand look at the events, inventions and fashion of a bygone era. So sit back, relax, and head back in time with me.  

Saturday Evening Post May 6, 1961: 

Here's a little story - yes, father's gift of gab did save the day! 

The advertisement illustrations are so cute and colorful.

This looks like an interesting series! It's hard to imagine a world where Dwight Eisenhower was a recently retired U.S. President! 

It's a dachshund! :D

HOLIDAY April 1956:

A refrigerator and a freezer together?! Who would have thought?! I like this housewife's
 darling outfit.

Some ladies in jolly old England enjoying the sporting proceedings. I wish I could get away with wearing a dress like that outdoors. 

Here are a couple of fine ads. 

Doesn't this train look like fun?

Here we see yet another cute outfit. What else would we expect from the 50's?

   Next time we'll go even further back in time with two mid-1940's LIFE mags! Meanwhile, I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas week! I hope that in the midst of all the chaos, you find some peaceful times. :)

Do you have any vintage magazines? 
Do you have any other vintage paper items such as clothing patterns or newspapers?

"Through the tender mercy of our God,
With which the Dayspring from on high has visited us;
To give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death,
To guide our feet into the way of peace."
Luke 1:78-79 (Part of Zacharias' prophecy)


  1. What a fascinating glimpse into the magazines, Paige! Thanks for sharing them with us! My mom has a few sewing books from the 70s; they are neat to look into to see all the outfits people used to wear!

    1. Yeah, for sure! Oh, how interesting! It's definitely fun to see what people used to wear and such. :)

  2. I keep forgetting you have cool vintage magazines ;) Next time I come over, maybe I can look at them! They're pretty fascinating :)

    1. Yeah, you should! Theyre pretty interesting.


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