Christmas Fashion

    How do you do folks? Christmas has come and gone again, and proved to be a good holiday for my family and I. We enjoyed time with family on Christmas Eve and fellowship with dear friends on the holiday proper, as well as times with just the three (four, counting Copper ;) of us.

   On Christmas Eve, I paired a dark green sweater with a straight black skirt. To accessorize, I added a silver scarf that has a bit of sparkle woven in. My tights and boots were black, making for a simple and elegant ensemble. And I am indeed aware that there is something on my mysteriously showed up after eating dinner and holding a dog at my aunt's house. Attempting to remedy the situation with a wet napkin didn't go so well...*hem*

Outfit Details: Sweater ~ Gift; Skit ~ Thrift or Consignment Store; Scarf ~ Gift; Tights ~ Winco?; Boots ~ Sears


   On Christmas day I went for a casual yet festive look consisting of a tunic blouse and jeans. Over my pretty top, I wore a pink cardigan. My accessory for the day was my new pink hairband, which matched the feminine cardi. Photo credit for this outfit goes to my sweet friend Stephanie, whose family we spent the day with!

Outfit Details: Blouse ~ Thrift Store; Cami ~ Hand-me-down; Sweater ~ Thrift Store; Jeans ~ Thrift or Consignment Store; Boots ~ Sears

*                                  *                                       *

   I hope that all of you who celebrated had a beautiful holiday and are now enjoying a restful weekend! It looks like my year is finishing off in a sprint, but it's mainly good busyness. ;) Let me know how you spent your Christmas in the comments below! 

 The people who walked in darkness
Have seen a great light;
Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death,
Upon them a light has shined.
Isaiah 9:2



  1. Cute outfits! I went pretty casual myself this year and wore all black on Christmas eve...I guess it was that kind of year? ;P I like the color combo for your Christmas outfit! Did you get to ride a certain horse? :)

    1. Thank you! I guess it was. I didn't feel like being too elaborate. ;)
      Heh, not this time!

  2. Christmas blessings and joy to you, sweet friend! I am so glad to hear you had a wonderful look oh so pretty too, Paige!
    I spent Christmas morning preparing a special Christmas lunch with my sisters which was very enjoyable...oh, how I love this time o' year!
    Much love to you!

    1. Thank you friend, for your sweet words! :D
      Oh, that sounds tiring but fun! I hope to look at your new blog post soon. This is indeed a fun season.

  3. When you listed your family "And Copper" I got excited for a second. Then I decided that Copper is your dog. Right? :)
    It sounds like you had a nice Christmas!
    For Christmas Eve we had some family time with my sister, one brother, and a friend of the latter's from Rwanda. It was quiet and relaxing. Christmas day dawned a balmy 60 so I convinced my mother to go on a bike ride with me. Nothing much to our celebration but it was still a nice holiday!

    1. Haha! Did you think Copper was my new boyfriend Yes, he is my dog, though he acts like "overly attached boyfriend" /and/ a mischievous little brother. ;)
      Yes, it was nice! It sounds like you had a good day too! How fun to go on a bike was definitely not 60 here!

    2. For a moment I did Paige!
      Dog's are great! They can wear so many "hats" all at once! Significant other, younger sibling, pet... etc. :)

  4. Dear Paige, I love how you styled your scarf. It totally accented your Christmas outfit. You always look so pretty. Your Christmas day outfit looks so relaxing and carefree. Glad you enjoyed your holiday with family and friends. We celebrated Christmas day with our Son and Daughter-in-law and our second son. It was very pleasant being together and sharing a delicious meal and special Christmas cookie favorites of each person. Even our Dachshund Fred enjoyed new squeaky toys. Hope the New Year gives you good health and many happy days ahead. Blessings Stephanie M.

    1. Thank you so much! :D Oh, what a nice Christmas you and your family had. :)How fun that you have a dachshund too! My Copper also gets Christmas presents. ;)
      Thank you and same to you and yours!

  5. Hello dear!
    Nice outfits! I like how simple the black skirted one is- nice and comfy I'm sure for a full day. :)

    And of course, the second rosey one I love. ;)

    of Calico Sisters blog

    1. Thank you sweet Cassie! :) It's good to see you back on the blogosphere.

  6. Dear Paige, You look so pretty in your outfits. I like your scarf and how nicely you tied it. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas, I did too! Have a great week! Blessings, Cindy

    1. Thank you very much! :) Thanks and happy new year!

  7. Like both of the outfits, and the scarf in the first picture.
    Do you have any snow yet? We don't, but should soon!

    1. Thank you! :D
      We don't actually get snow in my town besides a few seconds every few years. It's not quite cold enough. :) I hope you are enjoying your relative warmness. ;)


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