1 Dress 5 Ways!

    In one of my first blog posts (here), I discussed my essential clothing items and what makes them so dynamic to my wardrobe. Today, I would like to expound upon my neutral colored dress. When my inspiration is running dry, this is the dress that I turn to. With little effort, it can fit many moods, occasions, and climates. Below, I have modeled five outfits to show you how to make a basic dress look fabulous.

   First, is my "spring" look. I spruced up the dress by adding one of my favorite elements, which is my red leather belt. The dress has short sleeves, so throwing a cardigan on over it gives it warmth and adds dimension. With my elegant flats and green clutch, I could be ready to head out the door for a birthday party or dinner at a friend's house.
    In the summer, I can wear my button-up dress with sneakers and tooled leather belt for a more casual look. The outfit is comfortable enough for some outdoor activity, but still has a classy element. It would be appropriate for a relaxing 4th of July barbeque.
   Yes, Copper is wearing a scarf. Mom thought it would be fun if he matched me for the photo! He endured it admirably. When the weather outside turns cold, the dress can stand up to a chilly walk around the neighborhood with the right elements added to it. I am wearing it with a feminine hoodie (which was a Free People thrift store find that would have been around $70 brand new, if their current prices are any indication), crocheted scarf, tights, and boots.
   This is the outfit that I actually have been wearing today. Another way that I like make my dress warmer is to layer a long-sleeved shirt under it. It's also fun to mix and match what tights and leggings I wear with it.
   My last example is a slightly dressy outfit. When the occasion calls for heels, the neutral dress is there for me. With a fitted cardigan, it has a ladylike, almost retro look that would work well for Sunday best church attire. If I put on a sparkly bracelet and grab a cute clutch, I'm ready to go out to dinner.
  I most likely won't be posting again until after Thanksgiving. In fact, I'm almost certain that I won't, unless I come up with a fantastic idea and some extra time. ;)  Perhaps I will post my outfit for said holiday if it turns out well. Oddly enough, I don't have it planned yet. I usually have my clothes for special occasions figured out in advance. Do any of you do that?
 All that being said, happy Thanksgiving! Remember to be truly grateful to the Lord for
 what He has done.
"By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name." ~ Hebrews 13:15


  1. What a great post! This will come in very handy now that I have found my black dress! Thank you, thank you! You did a great job!
    Yes, I do usually plan my fancier occasion's attire ahead of time.
    For Thanksgiving I am wearing a rusty red corduroy dress that I thrifted last week! :)
    Blessings on your week!

    1. Thank you so much Cassie! I'm so glad to have been a help.
      I hope to see pics of the corduroy dress! :D It sounds cute.

  2. Love these looks! :D well done...I like pieces that can be used in different ways! i think my fave is the last one :)

    1. Thanks! :)
      Maybe I should wear that last outfit Christmas or something. ;)


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