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  Okay, that's rather boring. I just connected to Bloglovin, and it wishes me to paste this code into a post in order to claim my blog. However, what is a post on a fashion blog without something style related in it!?
  I have decided to make this an "official" post with some actual meat to it. So far, I haven't had any outfit photo shoots this week, so there's nothing to share as far as that goes. I do have something else fun to show you, though!
  In one of the folders on my computer, I have accumulated a small gallery of  pictures of retro ladies with spiffy style. A few of them have been used for projects or reference, and some are simply saved for inspiration. Most of the time, they just collect dust (metaphorically, of course). Why shouldn't I wipe off the proverbial dust and share them here to spice up this dull post? Without further ado, enjoy these vintage gals and their garb!

 Audrey Hepburn is a go-to inspiration for myself and many fashionistas.
This is a famous photo of Dior's New Look from the late 1940s.
I like the contrast trim on Deborah Kerr's jacket!
As usual, Grace Kelly is ladylike. :)
Olivia de Havilland is cute with a cropped sweater over her dress.
Julie Andrews wears utterly glamorous attire for the New York premiere of The Sound of Music.



  1. How fun! :)
    We love Julie Andrews too! :)


    1. Yeah, she is a pretty lady with a great voice! :)


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