Thrifting Expedition!

   How can a girl spend a November afternoon in a fun and rewarding way? Go thrift shopping! Today, my mom, grandma and I paid several of our home town's thrift stores a visit. Not only was it a lovely way to spend a girls' day out, but it also produced some cute purchases.
  Technically, not all of our shopping was at thrift shops. We also visited consignment stores. The difference has confused me for a while, so here are definitions from and Bing dictionary to help you and I out:

* Thrift Shop - A shop that sells used articles, especially clothing, as to benefit a charitable organization.
* Consignment Store - special retail outlet: a retail outlet that stocks and sells goods on a sale-or-return basis, or as an agent selling on behalf of others and receiving a percentage

So, at a consignment store, the person who gave the items to be sold gets a profit. Typically, consignment stores stick with items that are in good shape, but that means they can be more expensive.
   Now, come with me on my shopping expedition! If you're not a fan of second-hand shopping yet, I hope that I will help you to be more willing to give it a try. If you already do like it, I know that you will relate to my experience!

 While looking for outerwear at our first stop, I saw this jacket that reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. Most second-hand stores have their clothing divided into categories and sizes, so it is a simple shopping experience. They also have dressing rooms, though not as many as you will find at a store in the mall.

 Here is part of the store at the third shop we visited. The owner gets quality brands of clothing. Sometimes, you can find top of the line garments at thrift stores that hardly look worn.

   In the above picture, I'm at my favorite shop, which sells vintage and modern clothes, as well as various knickknacks and locally made jewelry. Though I didn't find anything there to buy, there were a few cute jackets. I think a big reason for my being fond of this store is the cute d├ęcor.
   As we walked down the street, the clouds made magnificent formations! We stopped for hot drinks and a cookie at a local bakery and coffee shop. Then, we headed to a shop in another part of town before calling it a day.
   This was my outfit for the day. When I know that I'm going to be trying clothes on I try to dress in clothing that is easy to get on and off. I wore a button-up shirt (these are ideal if one wants to make changes without mussing their hair in the process) with a camisole under it, and favorite jeans. Since I knew that many tops need a cami underneath, I made sure to wear one to try them on with. Boots are also easy to get on and off, since they zip up - there are no laces to deal with! The scarf is there to add warmth and pizzaz. ;)
  Above are two tags on a dress at our last thrift store stop. The dress is from an expensive designer label. Of course, $50 is still pricy, but it's way better than $360! You never know what deals you'll find at the thrift store.
   These are my items of the day! The blouse in the top photo and skirt in the bottom photo were each between $3.00 and $4.00 . The short-sleeved jacket was about $7.00. One thing that I like about shopping second-hand is that I can find many adorable styles in more varieties than at the mall. All the while, I get to be frugal and not spend so much of my hard earned cash. ;)
Okay, I'm ready to kick back for the rest of the evening! I hope that you have enjoyed this post. The verses I leave you with tonight are about a wise woman who dressed well and was full of wisdom. :)
"She extends her hand to the poor, Yes she reaches out her hands to the needy. She is not afraid of snow for her household, For all her household is clothed with scarlet. She makes tapestry for herself; Her clothing is fine linen and purple."
 ~Proverbs 31:20-22


  1. nice stuff you got there!! I was hoping to see the purchases soon...this was sooner than expected. ;) yay! cute! :D

    1. Thanks! ;) I'll be wearing it soon too!

  2. I love thrifting as you well know! :)
    Super cute finds! I love the jacket with the ribbon tie!
    Thanks for sharing!

    In Christ,


    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Cassie! :) I look forward to seeing what you find next.


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