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  Good afternoon, dear readers. Life is crazy! Lately, it has been full of the fun, the mundane, the usual, the unusual, and of course, the awkward and awesome! Today I get to recoup a bit, and have the chance to blog. Yay! So, please join me as I recap this week and share what I wore to church last Sunday.


* Having your blogging friend send pictures for a guest post (multiple times!) and never being able to open them. Oh, internet...why do you do this?
* Making an enormous mess in the kitchen while baking a small chocolate cake.
* Getting pulled over by a cop while I was driving because we forgot to put the new 2014 sticker on the license plate. Phew...I didn't think I was going that fast. ;)
* The dog suddenly getting sick right at bed time.
* Having the man who owns the house across the street ask what I'm doing with my life, telling him I'm working on my artwork among other things, and having him ask if I want to use my artwork to paint the house. Hmmm...can I do a mural?
* Feeding Copper in the laundry room, bumping the bike next to his food dish and having it fall over on my foot (yes, we have to keep our bikes in the house).


* Attending an 8th grade graduation for a young friend we've watched grow up for many years.
* Spending an afternoon helping out some friends who are busy renovating their home.
* Eating some of aforesaid cake - it was worth the mess. ;)
* Being less sore after my last workout! Things are looking up.
* Kicking back last weekend and watching the Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre with Mom.
* Teaching my last drawing class of the year yesterday.

   On Sunday morning I had an outfit all picked out for church, only to discover a huge clump of squished chocolate on my dress (add that to the awkward list *cough*). After frantically digging through my closet, I put together this outfit. The cute black blouse with tiny white polka dots is something that I picked up a couple of years ago on one of our trips. I have hardly given it any use, however, because the knit part on the bottom just never seemed to work with anything. On this day I tried it with my new denim skirt, and guess what? I thought it looked okay! ;) I wore red shoes to give the outfit a pop of color, and embellished my updo with a brown and red leather flower. Now I have a new church outfit and have figured out at least one way to wear my blouse! :)

Blouse ~ Thrifted; Skirt ~ Made By Mom; Shoes ~ Target; Tank Top ~ Thrifted; Hairband ~ Target;
Hair Flower ~ Made by Mom

Do you have a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you keep hanging on to, even if you don't know how to wear it?
Do you ever have to make last minute changes before church or any other event?

"You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore."
~Psalm 16:11

P.S. I know at least one person commented on my last post without  their comment ever showing up. I apologize if this has happened to you. If I ever don't respond to your comment, know that the most likely reason is that I didn't see it.


  1. You look lovely; I especially like the hair-flower.

    Yes, I have several clothing items that I never wear but keep to decorate my closet, particularly a few nice dresses and skirts that I never seem to find occasion to wear.

    1. Thank you Bethany. :)
      Haha, I know what you mean! One is supposed to get rid of clothing they find they don't wear after a while, but I've always had a couple of items that I hang on to thinking that I might wear it at some point!

  2. Love the top! It's so cute Paige! This is totally something I would wear; except, I don't have a skirt like that! It's so cute...I should get one. Maybe I would "improvise" and wear a denim skirt? You think that would work? :)

    PS- Your post is up on Like No Other! :D

    1. Yes, that would totally work! :D My skirt is actually a denim, although it's hard to tell, since it's not really jean material. Hope you can find a similar (or even better) top some day.
      Thanks for posting my outfit! :D

  3. Just saw your post on Like No Other. I loved both outfits: yours on here and yours on Ashley's!

  4. Love your outfit! That top is so cute...something about it says vintage to me, which of course I love! ;) Yes to both questions! :)

    1. Thank you Sarah! :) Hm..maybe that's the real reason I still have it. :)

  5. In the post on Like No Other where did you get your brown shoes?
    Kathryn B.

    1. P.S. Sorry I'm commenting again. I forgot to ask this question before!

    2. No problem! :) The brown flats are from Target. I got them some time last year.

    3. Thank you, I'll have to check there!


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