Awkward + Awesome/ Variety Show Look

  Hi everybody! Awkward and Awesome has returned from its brief hiatus. As it turns out, most of my awkward are things that I wrote down for last week and didn't end up using. It all works out in the end though, because this week I didn't bother writing stuff down. ;)

* Picking up what I thought was a coffee bean from the counter to smell its lovely aroma, then suddenly becoming aware that it was a cooked black bean, as I smelled it and felt it squish in my fingers.
* Squirting ketchup on the food table at an event (good thing it was a disposable tablecloth...).
* Taking the cap off my lip balm and having the tube suddenly torpedo from my hand and hit the idea.
* Ending up with a green ink stain on my pink quilt after leaving a pen lying open on it.
* Hearing the opening music of a movie on TV and saying "That's Jules Verne..." then having it turn out to indeed be a movie from the 60's based on a Jules Verne novel (it was The Mysterious Island). You know you're a classic movie buff when that happens to you. :P
* Getting ready for having company and having Mom ask me to put the chips in a bowl while she went out briefly, then twenty seconds later thinking "I feel like there was something I was supposed to do...." and having no idea what she asked until she came home and saw that the chips weren't in the bowl.

* Being in a local parade as part of the walkathon to raise money for the Pregnancy Care Center.
* Enjoying weather in the 80's last week.
* Taking pictures of an amazing sunset at the beach on one of the warm days (see top photo).
* Participating in our homeschool variety show and managing to actually be funny (more on that later).
* Having a fun game night with friends.
* Having deep thoughts about God before I fall asleep at night. No, I can't remember what they were now, but they were quite interesting at the time. ;)

  So, last Friday night was our home school support group's annual Variety Show. For the third year running, my best friend Moriah and I did a comedy routine. We were afraid that this year's material wasn't as funny as before, but to our great relief, the audience seemed to enjoy it!
   Above you see what I wore (Moriah's dress in the first picture is from a performance she was part of later) for the show. We ended up going for a classy look for the routine, with cardigans, dark skirts, and black shoes. Each year we also wear bow ties, though for the past two years my bright pink one has been used as a hair bow. The neutral black of my outfit with the pop of color gives it a lighthearted yet professional look. I like to think of us as being glamorous comedians. ;)

Have you ever performed in a variety or talent show? What did you do, or what would you do if you you were to be part of one in the future?

"Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace 
with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart."
~ II Timothy 2:22


  1. Oh, I love that cardigan, and you do look like glamorous comedians! Haha, the feeling of "I'm sure I've forgotten something" is very familiar to me! I do that all.the.time!!

    1. Thanks Laura! :) Heh, yes, it happened to me more than once that day (within the same hour...;)

  2. Love the top photo! And it looks like you had fun. I did a talent show once in sixth grade... a friend and I sang a duet. Fun post.


    1. Thanks Ireland! I did have fun. :) Oh, neat!

  3. I love your outfit!!! (Those shoes are So. Cute.) I have been part of quite a few talent shows, and I sang with my sister. =D

    1. Thanks Ashley! Oh, yes, you two love to sing!

  4. I've only been in one talent show where a friend and I sang Amazing Grace; I was so nervous! I don't like being on the stage, that being said I have preformed in band and chorus concerts. Oh and I almost forgot I got to be in a 1950's themed dance/variety show with my sister when I was very young. Enjoyed your post! :)

    1. Those all sound like fun! :) Sorry you get stage fright though. :\ My heart starts beating pretty fast before it's my turn to go up, but once I get started I feel comfortable.

  5. I've been in variety shows!! ;)

    your awkwards were funny! My fave part was definitely the bean. -_-

    1. You know aaaaall about variety show. ;)
      Haha, yes, it was pretty funny. >.<


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