Awkward Awesome/ Upcycled Dress

 It's already Wednesday again, everyone! Writing and reading blog posts certainly helps to pass the time when one is down with a cold. Anyone else out there fighting a case of the sniffles? Staying home means that life can be, well, uneventful, but I still came up with a few awkward and awesome moments to share!


* Ramming the handle of the vacuum cleaner into myself as I use it.
* Finding a library book under my bed that was due almost two months ago (oops) and wondering why I never heard anything about a late fee....
* Postponing drawing class at the last minute, because my cold got the better of me.
* Having a dream about being in an old-fashioned building, getting stuck on a narrow second story walkway with no railing (but plenty of hot pink carpet), and seeing that the tiny old-fashioned elevator makes an extremely fast plunge to the ground floor. HELP!
* One of my Sunday School students forgetting my name and calling to me, "Sunday School Teacher!" :)


* The sun is out and shining warmly.
* Figuring out how to do more things with my camera.
* Relaxing at home with my parents.
* Having a dream about being in a lovely bookstore with classic books that had beautifully decorated covers - but guess what? That was the first part of the dream about the tiny elevator.
* Reading in the sunshine in the backyard yesterday!

   Okay, I know that lately I've been sharing many things that my Mom made. The truth is, she really enjoys sewing and crafting and I get to enjoy the fruits of her creativity! Today's dress is one of her latest projects, inspired by a Pinterest pin. It's made out of a t-shirt that I had put aside to donate, and a large green t-shirt. The flower and leaves on the front are also made from the green t-shirt, with a cute button that looks like it has a ship's wheel forming the flower's center. Just like that, I have a modest, yet cool dress for the summer.
  Now it's time to use my hobby and style the dress! I put a chambray shirt over it, which seems to be in keeping with the casual, sunny day look. However, it was really warm enough outside to go without the button-up! My brown flats are both cute and easy to kick off when I'm ready to be barefoot; honestly, I've been barefoot all day in real life. ;) Lastly, a leather and ribbon bracelet keeps the casual theme and adds just a little more interest to the outfit.

Dress ~ Upcycled by Mom; Chambray Shirt ~ Kohl's; Bracelet ~ Made by Mom (told you she was crafty!); Shoes ~ Target?

Have you every made or worn anything upcycled? Had any weird dreams lately?

"Commit your way to the Lord,
Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass.
He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light,
And your justice as the noonday.
Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;"
~Psalm 37:5-7a


  1. Oh! Your Mom has done such a great work with your new dress! I adore the flower and especially the leaves!

    I am actually working on making a fabulous chambray skirt, that I thrifted the other day, longer. I'll be sharing it in a sewing/outfit post sometime next week.

    for the Shag Girls

    1. Thanks Cassie! :)
      Ooh, that sounds like fun! Look forward to seeing the post.

  2. Wow! SO cute! I love the top of your dress, your mom did amazing! So cute...(That green is perfect too!)

    1. Thanks Ashley! :) She did do a great job.

  3. cute new dress! :D well done! and that dream sounds amaaazing. I would have heard about it if not for the interwebz issues tonight...

    1. Thanks! :) Maybe you can hear more tonight!

  4. That is awesome Paige! I saw someone who made a dress out of old t-shirts and thought about making one myself. Now I will have to! Very nice awkward and awesomes too! :)

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, you should give it a try! I'd be interested to see your results.


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