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 Hello, my dear readers! Guess what? It's time for me to post The Beautiful Blog Award! Thanks for nominating me, Ireland (see her blog, Ireland Rhea, here if you haven't already). The rules are pretty much the same as other awards:
1. Thank the blogger who awarded you
2. Answer the ten questions he/she asked

3. Nominate ten bloggers to receive the award
4. Ask them ten questions
5. Let them know they've been awarded


Ireland's Questions:

1. What was your hardest subject in school? Math, hands down.
2. Do you play an instrument, and if so, which one? No. I do, however, love to sing!
3. What is your favorite color? And you have to pick ONE. No cop-outs. Turquoise

4. Flip-flops or boots? Boots! My favorite kind are English riding inspired boots. Technically, my black ones are motorcycle boots, though I think of them as embellished riding boots. ;)
5. Football, soccer, or tennis? Heheh...I don't watch or play any of those. Soccer looks like the most fun.
6. Have you ever taken a self-defense course? No, though I would like to do so soon!
7. What is one weak area of your life that you are working to improve? Loving others even when I don't particularly feel like it (I hear this is a lifelong struggle ;). 
8. Bible passage you are loving right now? 1 John 4. It makes a very clear distinction between who is of God, and who is not of God, particularly in the area of showing love.
9. How would you describe your personal style? Feminine with retro and boho inspired elements.
10. What's your favorite way to work out? Again, no cop-outs. :) Walking/hiking, though I don't know if that counts as working out. ;)

My Nominees:

Ashley B. of Like No Other
Laura of Living and Dressing for my Savior
Bethany and Becca of Clever Bunnies
Kristen of True Elegance
Bethany of Liberty or Death
Sarah at All Things Vintage
McKenna of Cherishing my Role (in the home)
Cassie and Rebecca of Calico Sisters
Jill of Wizard of Odds and Ends
Anna and Madelyn of Modesty For a Purpose

My (Somewhat Random) Questions:

1. How would you describe your personal style?
2. What was your first pet?
3. What is your ancestry (e.g. German, Italian)?
4. Dill pickles or sweet pickles ;) ?
5. What Bible character do you relate to the most (it can be character, life experiences, or anything like that)?
6. What is the first favorite scripture verse that comes to your mind?
7. Do you have any food allergies?
8. You would be really excited if you woke up tomorrow morning to the smell of ____ cooking.
9. What are you looking forward to this summer?
10. What is one thing you've learned from blogging?

   As you probably know if you follow this blog, last week I got the opportunity to take some photos of a beautiful sunset at the beach. I had so much fun photographing God's handiwork with my Nikon! But what kind of fashion blogger would I be if I didn't make sure to get an outfit shoot in too? ;) As it turned out, the lighting was simply lovely!

  This outfit is a good example of what I would wear on a day I do my house cleaning job or perhaps just kicking around the house. You see my threadbare denim skirt, a favorite t-shirt and cardigan, leggings and fun purple Converse. Just so you know, it was unusually warm - I would normally be more bundled up to see the ocean at night. ;)

   Have a lovely weekend, all!

"Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand,
Measured heaven with a span
And calculated the dust of the earth in a measure?
Weighed the mountains in scales

And the hills in a balance?
Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord,
Or as His counselor has taught Him?
~ Isaiah 40:12


  1. Thanks for nominating me again, Paige! Turquoise is a beautiful color! Your photos at the beach are lovely! Very nice hairstyle :)

  2. You're welcome and thank you so much! :)

  3. Thanks for nominating us! We'll try to find some time to do it this week.
    Fun pictures! I'd love to live so close to an ocean.

    1. You're welcome! Any time you want is fine with me. :)
      Thanks! I really enjoy living here; it's hard to imagine being anywhere else. :)

  4. Ah! So much cuteness in this post! I love your outfit...your denim skirt looks So. Cute. with those leggings! Thanks for nominating me for this Award! I can't wait to answer these!

    1. Thanks muchly! :)
      You're welcome! I look forward to reading your answers.

  5. Been looking at blogs and wondered if you've seen these, Paige. (I loved this blog and how pretty is was!)
    The first doesn't seem to have many commenters or anythings, so I thought you could give it some publicity. I would help myself, but I'm not a blogger!

    Hannah Jane

    1. Hi Hannah!
      Thanks for brining my attention to these blogs. I'll be sure to give the first one a follow. I'd like to get to know her blog a bit better before recommending it, but it looks like a good one. :)
      I actually already follow the first one! I have recently had the pleasure of linking to Jill by nominating her for the Liebster and Beautiful Blog Awards. She has a fun blog for sure. :)

    2. Cool, Paige, Thanks!

    3. For sure! :) Also, sorry about the typos in my last comment. Heh heh.

  6. I took the character quiz and I am Elinor Dashwood. I loved the Sense and Sensibility Movie!

    Kathryn B.

    1. Kathryn, how neat! That's one of my favorite movies. :) I've always felt that I related to Elinor, but the quiz thought I was more of a Lizzy - she's fun too though!

  7. Thanks for nominating me, Paige! This are amazing your simple but cute outfit. It's definitely something I would wear!

  8. cute look! I like the bun and I think you do, too :)

    1. Thanks! :) I sure do! In fact, I just wrote a tutorial on it as a guest post for the blog party I'm "attending". :P

  9. Yay! can you link to it? ;) i wanna see!

    1. I will. :) It shan't be posted until next month though.

    2. Moriah,
      By the way, I love your name! I always wanted to name twins if I had them, Isaac and Moriah!



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