Dutch Braid Side Bun / Last Call for Q&A!!!


  A few months ago someone asked me to do a hair tutorial for a certain hairdo I posted. Now I'm finally getting around to it. Hanna, I hope you are out there reading this! My humblest apologies are due for taking so long.
You will need:                                                        Optional:
* The comb or brush of your choice (fingers?)      * A ponytail band   * Hair gel or mousse
* Several bobby pins                                           * A hair accessory   * A spray bottle of water
                                                                           * Hair spray

  First, I suggest learning how to do a Dutch braid, also known as an inside-out French braid. Here's a good tutorial on how to make one: How to Make a Dutch Braid . If you know how to French braid, it should be easy to learn.

1) Sweep all your hair over one shoulder. At this point you may want to use mousse or gel to give your hair extra hold. If your hair is like mine and prefers to be wet when you work with it, do this after a shower or mist your hair with a water bottle.

2) Now it's time to Dutch braid horizontally! Begin by taking two sections of hair from the side opposite where you have swept your hair. Take one from behind your ear and one from just above.

3) Cross the higher strand below the lower strand. You may make it higher or lower, depending on your preference.

4) Now, make the lowest section by pulling up a chunk of hair from the nape of your neck.

5) Cross it under the center strand above it.

6) Add more hair from the top of your head into the top strand.

7) Cross it under the center strand.

8) Add more hair from the nape of your neck to the lowest strand. Cross it under the center strand.

9) Repeat steps 4 and  5 until you reach your opposite ear.

10) Incorporate any hair that is not already braided, and continue braiding your three strands into a normal braid. If needed, secure the end with a band.

11) Starting at the base, wind your braid up into a bun on the side of your head. If your bun is on your right side, like mine, wind it in a counter-clockwise motion to keep it tight. If it's on the left, wind it clockwise.

12) Take out the ponytail band, tuck in the ends and pin your bun in place.

13) Now you're ready for the finishing touches! Pin any loose parts of your braid and pop in a fun accessory if you want! Spray with hairspray for extra hold.

   This is the 99th post of Sunday Best! My readers will know that this means my next post will be a100th post celebration Q&A. If you have any questions to ask me for my next post please comment on this post, or email me at the address provided on my "Contact" page. I want to make sure that anyone who wants to participate in this gets a chance. I also have my one year blogoversary coming up very soon, so stay tuned for a celebratory giveaway I'll be having for that next month. :)

   Have a beautiful weekend!

"So the King will greatly desire your beauty;
Because He is your Lord, worship Him."
~Psalm 45:10-11


  1. Very beautiful! I hope my hair is long enough because I'd love to try this :) Oh, and an early congrats on your 100th post!!

    1. Thanks muchly Laura! I hope the hairdo works if you try it. :)

  2. My questions are: how many siblings do you have, what would you do if you were given $1,000,000 dollars, what are your ideal circumstances for life [for you], and what was your favorite question in this post?
    Thanks Paige!
    ~Rebekah for Calico Sisters

  3. Lovely hairstyle and neat to see how you did it!

  4. AH! That's so cute! I totally want to try that out one day...thanks SO much for taking the time to share!
    Here are some of my questions:
    1. Why/how did you begin blogging?
    2. Have you ever gotten "laughed at" for dressing modestly?
    3. What is your favorite accessory?
    Thanks so much, Paige!

    1. Aw, so very welcome Ashley! Thanks for the questions.

  5. Cool post! Wish I was a good braid-er. Great pictures, btw.

    Ireland from Ireland Rhea

    1. Thank you! :) Photo cred goes to my Mom!
      Aw, maybe you can practice braiding!


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