New Series!!! Historical Fashion How-To ~ 1910's

   Hello all! I am excited to present to you the opening post of Sunday Best's first series - it's called Historical Fashion How-To! In this series, I will be showing you how to copy specific eras of fashion for costume parties or your own personal enjoyment. The goal is to give you ideas of how to use either what is already in your closet, or just waiting for you to purchase at your local second-hand store. My plan is to explore several decades of the 20th century in chronological order, then tackle some even older looks. ;) )
   In school, history never seemed dry and boring to me. On the contrary, I found it fascinating. The clothes of bygone days have always intrigued me, and studying past times is more exciting when I can imagine what the people were wearing. As a result, I have made a bit of a study of historical costume. This blog is now the perfect platform for sharing my knowledge, as well as learning more (and getting to dress up ;) !



   In the early 20th century, many things were changing, including clothing. Gone were the days of full skirts and stiff outlines of the 19th century. Now, women's styles were of softer lines, and higher, narrower hemlines. Delicate details and classical (Grecian and Roman) inspiration gave the fashion of this decade a romantic look. As with any era, there were strange fads -the hobble skirt forced women to take tiny steps.

   For the base of my 1910's inspired outfit, I wore a dress with a fairly straight skirt. The ruffle on the bottom of the dress is reminiscent of the decade's detailing, and the length is ideal. Over the dress, I wore a loose top with feminine ruffles and lace and topped it all off with a cardigan. Though I don't think this style of cardigan was popular in the early 20th century, three quarters sleeves were definitely typical of era. The style of boot I'm wearing is not necessarily period correct, but it too gets the general idea across. One doesn't have to wear the exact replica of a historic costume to make a beautiful and fairly convincing outfit. :) 
   Hairstyles are a great way to capture the look of a certain era. Today I didn't copy any particular updo, but my hair had a general vintage look. I put it in Gibson tuck/bun crossover (I have yet to master the Gibson tuck, you see). Hair accessories seemed to be all the rage in the 1910's, so I wore a pretty headband that pulled the whole look together. :)


  I hope that you have enjoyed this "pilot" post of Historical Fashion How-To. I look forward to bringing you the next installment. Have a lovely Sunday! :) 

"The royal daughter is all glorious within the palace; 
Her clothing is woven with gold."
~Psalm 45:13

(This Psalm is interpreted as being about Christ and His bride, which would make 
"the royal daughter" the church. :) )


  1. I love this new series! I can't wait to see the rest of it :D I like our outfit, too, especially the hairdo. It's so well-executed and the scarf is a nice touch. well done!

  2. Oh my goodness! I absolutely *loved* this!
    It was amazingly done!!
    Your outfit is simply charming! I would defiantly wear it! :)
    And your hair- fabulous! I always have trouble with Gibson Tucks too for some reason! It frustrates me because I love the look SO much! :) Have got to work on that! :)

    Thank you so much Paige!
    Blessing to you as you take on this endeavor!


    1. It makes me happy that you enjoyed this so much! :D Thank you for all the sweet compliments. :)
      I definitely look forward to continuing this series; it will be fun!

  3. I adore any from 1910 up until 1950s, and I love this look! Very nice job recreating some classic styles from the early 1900s.

    1. Thanks a lot Emmy! :D The first half of the 1900's definitely has some beautiful styles.

  4. Hello Paige! I have just discovered your blog via Two Blessed Damsels. I love the fashion from the Edwardian period and enjoyed this post tremendously! I'm looking forward to reading this series. I love your outfit especially your top; love lace and ruffles! I hope you will come check out my blog and follow at...

    In Christ,

    1. Thank you Sarah! :D I'm so glad that you found me. I will certainly give you a follow.


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