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  Hi all! How has your first week of April been? I hope you didn't get pranked too many times yesterday. ;) Well, it's the middle of the week, and that can mean only one thing.... awkward and awesome!


* Mom and I both completely forgetting an appointment I had this morning.
* Developing the inability to open cans (how does that skill even disappear?) .
* Getting tomato {puree} all over my hands after opening said can.
* A city councilman coming to the door campaigning, and being barked at by my diminutive dog, who then proceeds to slide off the front porch (the dog, not the councilman).
* Reading the clues incorrectly on a crossword puzzle, resulting in confusion.


* Buying new watercolors and paper.
* Attending a formal banquet for homeschool high school students and alumni.
* Spending a relaxing day at home yesterday and drinking hot cocoa for the first time in ....?
* Getting three lovely blouses at a consignment store over the weekend (you'll be seeing at least one quite soon!)
* Seeing prayers answered! Though immediate results shouldn't be what we strive for, it's always an encouragement to faith to see the very things that you prayed about being answered.

  The outfit featured today includes one of my newer items, the denim skirt my Mom made me. I wore a t-shirt that I got at a clothing swap, and my trusty cardigan, tights, and boots. That day I also tried anew hairdo - the headband tuck! I suppose it's really a version of the Gibson tuck. In any case, it had a fun, retro look.

  So, now for the miscellaneous items. 1) Above is a scan of the watercolor pencil project that I mentioned last week, as requested by Sarah . :) 2) Tomorrow begins an event hosted by several bloggers called "1 Button-Down 3 Ways ". For the next three days, I will be putting up a brief post showing how I style my top. Check out the event button by Boyer Family Singers on my sidebar for more info, especially if you are a blogger who wants to link up.
  Last, but not least, please be praying for those affected by the shooting in Fort Hood and the earthquake in Chile. They all need the Lord's comfort tonight.

"God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble."
~Psalm 46:1


  1. Oh my goodness! Paige, your outfits are getting cuter and cuter and cuter and cuter and cu- I think you get the picture. I love this outfit! That lace headband you have is absolutely adorable as well! Gorgeous! Love that top...

    Ashley B.

    1. Haha, thanks so much Ashley! :D It's encouraging forto me to know that you enjoy my outfits so much. :)
      Yes, this headband is definitely a favorite of mine!

  2. Thank you so much Paige for posting your watercolor's lovely! You definitely have a talent for drawing/using watercolors. Hope to see more on your blog. Hahaha, thanks for the amusing story about your dog and the city councilman; gave me a good laugh! I agree with Ashley your outfit is so cute and love the headband vintage looking! ;)

    1. You are quite welcome and thank you! :)
      Yes, at the time the incident was quite embarrassing, but seeing Copper slowly slip down (only because he wasn't in danger, of course) was certainly funny!

  3. 1) I immediately imagined a councilman sliding off your front porch on his belly.
    2) Cute hairdo! reminds me of Titanic-era hair :D
    3) ...I'll ask you on FB ;)

    1. 1) Hah! Now that would be been extra awkward.
      2) Thanks. :) Yeah!
      3) K ;)

  4. I LOVE this outfit, how cute! :) Your painting is beautiful as well.

  5. Haha, the councilman incident is hilarious!
    I love your outfit! You have such cute style! I wish I could do my hair like that! It looks so nice on you!

    1. Thanks muchly Laura! :)
      In case you want to try the style, I would suggest looking at this tutorial: I redid it in another way, by folding the back part of my hair and pinning the ends just above the headband, then folding and pinning the rest. My hair is very fine and wispy, with growing out layers and bangs, so I have a hard time keeping it in one place!


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