Day Two of 1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways

   It's Friday! more day 'til the weekend (unless you count it as starting tonight ;). Not only is today Friday, but it's the second day of the Button-Down challenge. It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!


   This morning, I tucked my challenge shirt into a knee-length black skirt. My purple tights added a pop of color, while a braided brown belt pulled out the brown stripes of the top. I wore brown flats, which showed off the color of my tights - though it's supposed to be a fashion faux pas, I'm okay with putting brown and black together ;). Boots or heels in coordinating colors could easily be swapped for the flats to give the outfit a different feel.

Shirt ~ Consignment Store; Skirt ~ Thrifted; Tights ~ Gift; Boots ~ Bought new at Village Shoes; 
Belt ~ (?), Borrowed from Mom

   Well, today is a busy day, so I should make this post snappy. "See" you all again tomorrow for the conclusion of the challenge. Check out the hostess Ashley's outfit for today. Have a lovely weekend!

"A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken."
~Proverbs 15:13


  1. Simply darling, Paige! I love how you echoed the colors of your shirt throughout your outfit.


  2. Lovely outfit today! I think black and brown are fine together too, as long as it's a darker shade of brown like you're wearing. Lighter shades of brown with black remind me of chocolate chip cookies! I have to mention, I love braided belts! You can always buckle them to the perfect size as opposed to the ones with holes that never seem to be in quite the right place.

    1. Thanks Jill! :D Yes, having a braided belt is so handy! It's always the right size.

  3. I love this outfit! So cute and classy. I actually love black and brown together, haha!

    1. Thanks Kalin! :) Hee hee, I think a lot of us actually think it's okay. :)

  4. I LOVE it! Your skirt and tights are so cute....great way to style that button down! Your outfits are always so cute!

  5. You are adorable! I love this outfit! Can't wait to see today's!

  6. I LOVE this outfit and your pretty braid! That skirt looks great on you with those tights. I like the way you added bits of brown to your outfit to match the brown in your shirt.


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